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23 May 2005


I have been home for several days now. Some bad news and good news. Just two hours south of Lodi, my dad got a call that his mom was in the hospital. So after picking me up and finally getting home he had to deal with this news. Luckily everything, so far, is going well. His mom is home and doing well. More tests are coming.

Now that I am home, YEA!, and my dad has read my first posting from the kennel to me I would like to apologize for the poor quality. Guess I didn't do a very good job of typing in the dark, let alone just trying to type! I will translate my first message later in the posting. Now you know why I hired a typist. I certainly have come to appreciate the job he does

I wanted to take more pictures but my spy camera 'pooped' out on me after only two photos. Anyway I had a great time. Lost some weight, like I also do, and made some new friends. Wish I could see more of them but our humans have so much to do I bet it would be pretty hard for 'kennel reunions'. Maybe I'll see some of them in June when I go back for a few days.

Here are two shots of my 'vacation' home that Dad took:

Home away from home. Posted by Hello

Now you know why it is called Sycamore Lane.

I like staying at Sycamore Lane because I get to give the human ladies lots of kisses. Also, it is next to a cherry orchard, Angus cattle ranch and a vineyard. Lots of cool smells.

I will now translate my first (and last) kennel message.

weer finlklky pikerd thje lok to thre ofiuc anmd fopndfthj ciom,pr/.iots vferuy daerk anmd

We finally picked the lock to the office and found the computer. It's very dark and

hjardto tuypoe' thjios wioll bve a shjort not ebvery diogf wabntrs to bl;og., io snekjed ,my sopiy
hard to type. This will be a short note. Every dog wants to blog. I sneaked my spy

xcamnra in ad a biufddfy tukl thjis shjpot of m,e whjen wefonalky gpot onmlkin/
camera in and a buddy took this shot of me when we finally got on line.

itr is erel;l;y fuin hewre buit berklimng in tpo thje ofoic weas thje bvesdt,
It is really fun here but breaking into the office was the best.

hjpoe to opstr agfaion;
Hope to post again.

wiooif weiooff
Woof, woof.

I want to thank Ginger, the pekingese, for typing the last message from the kennel. Cal-The Wonder Dog has a 'bark-to-typalator' that his human invented for him. What a great idea! Hey Cal, Ginger says she sure could have used it when typing at the kennel. Probably pretty fast. Right?

Pimm suggested that we make some t-shirts from my photo on my 13May posting. Another great idea, but I don't want to think of all the paperwork needed to get Blogger's permission and then all the silk screening. Will mull it over.

When we got home and accessed the damage of a two week absence, we found we had a jungle.

Where do I begin? Posted by Hello

The backyard really sprouted, but that is good. Lots of cover for the birds and when all the flowers bloom, lots of nectar for the butterfliers, bees, flies and hornets. AND more places for the bunnies to hide.

It sure smells good back here. Posted by Hello

Where's Jack? We've got the stalk! Posted by Hello

I'm wondering if the hollyhocks will ever stop growing.

Well, after a few hours of gardening I thought it was time for a break. Dad agreed with me.

I like helping Dad. Posted by Hello

I look forward to reading all the recent posting of my friends in the next several days. I missed a lot. I will also be checking out the photos my humans took on their trip. Beware, the dreaded slide show will be coming with my nifty commentary. I will continue to help with the gardening and getting the house ready for some out of town guests this week. Whew! Will be pretty busy.
THEN, Tule and her humans will coming up from Alameda for the holiday weekend. Maybe we get to go fishin'! OH! Before I forget. Tule sent me a hard copy of the premier issue of Woofer Times which is also online. Check it out.


Splash said...
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Splash said...

Wow that boarding kennel looks nice. I've never been to one, but I bet I would like it. I don't think the people who feed the dogs in those places know about diets but boy oh boy my mom does.

Freda said...

Hi Splash,

My humans bring along my own food so there is little or no change in my diet, but I miss them so much I don't eat much. If I don't eat, the kennel people put some chicken broth or canned food on my dry stuff to get me to eat. I eat when I need to. I just think about my mom and pop, talk to my neighbors and figure out what to post on my blog when I get the chance.

Got go help dad wash the outside windows. Company's a comin', ya know. Guess humans like to see what's going on outside, too.

See you later. Still cleaning the house.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Fishing! I like to watch that, do you and Tule actually try to catch fish yourselves? I hear its lots of fun. I'm going to try it as soon as my family goes up to the lake this year.


Heidi said...

Dat's a nice jungle!