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24 April 2005


Earth Day began with a bunch of wildlife. The red-winged black birds have been fighting over nesting territory and mates for a while. Kinda fuzzy photos. Couldn't get my tripod up quick enough.

You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me? Posted by Hello

Later I found one of those painted-lady butterflyers having a meal at one of our tree mallows.

What's for lunch? Posted by Hello

I wondered why she was here and not in the valley. She said that there was plenty of food here and sheltered places to lay her eggs. Cool. Maybe I can see some of her caterpillar babies later.

After my nap, I was scouting the backyard for intruders when, 'Dad, Dad!' I barked. 'A BOP's in the backyard. Where's the picture taker?' Well, it wasn't a BOP (Bird of Prey, as they say in zoo lingo). Just a robin keeping an eye on its baby that has been hopping around in the backyard.

Big bopper? Posted by Hello

It sure looked like one of those Red-tailed Hawks - (Wikipedia), that we see sitting on a fence post along the road. Guess I had sleep in my eyes. There is a post though. So, am I only half wrong? It looks big in the picture. (If you squint really, really hard the robin could look like the first picture in the Wikipedia article.) Maybe?

Hope everyone had a great Earth Day.

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