My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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18 March 2005


Today I had to get up, again. You know the routine. Awaken, eat, drink, walk, sniff, pee and poop, lick, blog, stretch, play, sleep..., but today it was a little harder to get started.

What time is it anyway? Can someone shut those birds up? Posted by Hello

Usually the cold nose on the hand or, if necessary, in the face usually works.

Look, if I have to get up, so do you! Posted by Hello

I knew that cold nose would come in handy. (A great morning alarm!) It's like a sixth appendage. The tail to knock things off the table, semaphore/telegragh, and wipe crumbs off humans' faces. The nose can go anywhere a paw can't go. Gravy! Groovy!

My male human got all excited over a little bird the other day. He finally observed a sora rail in the wild (Watson Hollow). Many years ago when he was a bird keeper at the zoo they had a sora rail on exhibit. One guide book says 'It is the most common of the rails, but not often seen'. Well, this one blew its cover and we got a mug shot. Not good, but proof.

A sorry sora picture. Posted by Hello

It is nice to read about humans and their pets, but we usually just think of our friends and neighbors and their pets. This article tells us that our bond with our humans is everywhere, BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Asia 'wakes up' to animal welfare. We sometimes forget our buddies overseas.

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