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20 March 2005


Mr. Winter didn't want to go last night. He put up a fuss when asked to leave. He produced a great light show with loud noises and little white marbles to show his displeasure. Dad said it reminded him of the Jefferson Airplane light show he saw way up in Alaska.

Little white marbles or spider egg cases? Posted by Hello

Of course I missed the show, spending the night in my bomb shelter (The closet). I was so frightened! Even with the D.A.P. and my humans' assurances, I was shaking all over. I feel better now but I have been sniffin' the air (Kind of like Smokey) to 'see' if something is going to happen again. Now whenever I hear an aircraft I freak out thinking it is more thunder. This morning I heard the big C-5As taking off at Travis AFB (20 miles away) and thought it was thunder. I was ready to head home.

After the storm, we checked some of the flowering shrubs.

Tree mallow Posted by Hello

Butterfly bush Posted by Hello

Blue hibiscus Posted by Hello

The tree mallow, butterfly bush and blue hibiscus all made it through the storm. Now we are waiting for the next round front.

As you can see we have a little colour color in the yard. I like these shrubs because the jack rabbits hop around under them and leave great scents. It's like perfume to me. Tule will probably go wild when she gets here Thursday. Hey!

P.S. I think the D.A.P. helped me calm down more quickly this time. I reminded my human to plug it in, plug it in as soon as the storm approached. I think I listen to too much telly.


Splash said...

Freda, I thought about you last night when I was barking at the thunder. I thought you might not be liking that storm. I thought it was perhaps the UPS guy (I don't like the UPS guy, nor do I like the garbage pickup truck. I do not want anything left and I do not want anything taken -- that's my policy). I barked all night. We had a HUGE flash and BOOM! at the same time. Mom liked it, Mike snored through it, and Jewel just sat there. I was the only one taking proactive steps to protect us. Mom, surprisingly, was annoyed with my barking.

Freda said...

Hey Splash,
You must have frightened the FLASH/BOOM away, at least in our area. Its expected return today did not pan out. Did you get any of that cold round stuff? Heard norhtern Sac got quite a bit. The pictures on TV reminded me of Denver winters.
Wish I could take those storms like your family does. 'Be like Mike', I guess. I don't even bark. I just cower, but I do like eating grass.
Maybe your mom didn't appreciate the stereo effect. Are you going teach Jewel how to chase away the FLASH/BOOM?

Splash said...

We didn't go out in the night. Mom was too annoyed with me. I don't like the thunder, it is too loud. It shook the windows and the whole house! I am sure we got the baby ice cubes from the sky though. That would have been nice to play in. I just adore ice cubes.

There were a few more storms this afternoon and mom says she saw a funnel cloud, or what passes for one around here.

Please tell your dad, 'cause I know he's from somewhere else, that we read the UK has just as many funnel clouds per area as the USA! Neat-o! They just don't touch the ground. So they don't show them much on Storm Stories.

Cal the Wonderdog said...

My sidekick used to wake up to those C5-As going overhead when he was a kid in the 1960's. The family back then was living at Clark Air Base in the Phillippines and those planes are huge from what I hear.

The flower/plant pictures are wonderful, there's no sign of that sort of thing here yet, just tons of snow. But we're having lots of fun.

Over and out,


ODD said...

Love the flower pictures really nice.

Freda said...

Thanks, ODD. I have to give some credit to my 'assistant', who carries all my equipment.