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04 February 2005


From what I have gathered from a NPR broadcast yesterday( NPR : Fact Check: State of the Union Address), and my male human's, should I say, “musings”, the groundhog made a big speech Tuesday, Groundhog Day. I didn't know they could talk. Anyway, it sounded like he was in Washington, DC., and he lives in a white house. I thought he lived in a hole in Pennsylvania. Hmm? I think the NPR report said that a lot of the groundhog's speech was window dressing for the gullible and much of it was not supportable by fact. I don't understand this stuff, but it sure rattled my buddy. But I'm pretty sure that the groundhog lives in a hole because my human translator said the word “hole” many, many times. There may have been an adjective in front of that word some times. So later in the morning he brewed a “cuppa”, or cup of tea, to sooth his soul. He then tried to explain the benefits of tea. Whoa! Too much for me. If you're interested check out the following sites about tea.

BBC NEWS | Cup of tea may help boost memory
BBC NEWS | Camomile tea for aches and ills
Wikipedia - Health benefits of tea
Tea and Health
BBC NEWS | 'Mad cow' disease found in goat

Why the 'Mad Cow' goat? In the afore listed Wikipedia article, it is stated that green tea may have implications in the treatment of 'Mad Cow' disease. What a tie in! My human hopes it doesn't harm the goat cheese supplies! With goats just across the creek at Watson Hollow I don't think he will have to worry about going without goat cheese. ARF! ARF!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

I'll definitely print out that one on tea improving memory for my sidekick. Though he tested fairly well on my human intelligence test today, he could use a short-term memory boost now and then.

He says stuff like, "I'll take you for a walk in 10 minutes" then a half hour later he says "I'll take you for a walk in 10 minutes"

What gives? He needs some of that tea!

Heidi said...

Vell we all know you can't trust dat silly old ground hog anyvays!

Da robins are in town and dats alvays a good sign vhen ya live as far north as I do.

Still lots of fog here..........all day.

Splash said...

I guess "mad goat" just doesn't have the same ring to it....?

Anonymous said...

I like tea too, lately been trying out lots of different types of green tea mixed with different herbs. Good stuff in the winter. My dog tried a little super mint tea this morning and stuck his nose in it as well. Spent about 10 minutes pawing at his nose. Had the same effect on me too.

Len and Dusty

Freda said...

I found this article discussing why we should drink green tea. Interesting. Who wants to be first?