My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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06 July 2004


Drew and Sonja are getting married in Carmel in one week. Drew's grand parents will fly in and spend a few days before the wedding. Fifty or so of the kids' close friends will help celebrate the marriage the following weekend. Barbecue and mac and cheese, greens and cornbread muffins from the famous Memphis Minnies in San Francisco will be served, plus sangria, beer, soft drinks and of course java. Drew is burning some CDs of blues and rock. Tule and I will hold down the fort while the humans party the night away. Hope they bring back a nice greasy doggie bag.
Since we have been here we have seen several different species of birds. There are a lot of red-tailed hawks, killdeer and barn owls. Kids at Merced High are building nesting boxes for the barn owls in a program called Raptor Works. We see the owls flying overhead after dark on our walks in winter. The killdeer have been nesting nearby. Their young are about three inches tall now. I think many have nested in some of the side yards here. There are killdeer everywhere. The hawks are seen soaring over the wheat fields and flocks of sheep.
One day we watched as a northern shrike chased a Hutton's virio through the park and finally hit it. The virio fell to the ground and expired soon afterwards. On a walk to Watson Hollow we saw a pair of ring-necked pheasant. We usually see a great egret in the pond in the wildlife area near Watson Hollow. Tonight I saw a jack rabbit in our back yard. Glad Tule wasn't here. She likes to chase them. There are jackrabbits all around.
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james said...

well at least the rabbit didn't chase you. but then maybe he was in a hurry as they always are. tell tule congrats on the new parents.