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18 September 2007


I am gonna have to stay ups when my secretary is SUPPOSEDLYS workin' on my barkin' place. Ya, he added the 'MyBlogLog' thingy, but he's doin' other stuffs too. Big dummys!

He founds a new search engine that he may use in the futures, (Powerset Blog Powerset launches Powerset Labs at TechCrunch40). Just what he needs, more magic typer stuffs!

Well, I can dreams about my goat buddies...

CHEESE on the hoofs... Yummys!



Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fred,
Wahahaha.. instead of 'counting sheeps' to go to sleep, you'll be going '1 goat', '2goats', '3 goats'...

Freda said...

Hey Huskees,

If I dreams of goats I'll think of CHEESE and that will keep me ups. Oh, noo!



Simba said...

Did you get to go and say hello to the goats?

Simba x

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Watch out for goat herders - they throw stones and they have nasty dogs too. I know.

I think your secretary works very hard with all these internet community things. Mistress doesn't so you want to think yourself lucky.


Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

No, I haven't reeeallys met them. There is a stream betweens them and myself. We just wigwags with our ears. Arf! Arf! And they certainlys send aromatic messages when the movin' air is in the right direction.

Hey Pippas and Katherines,

I can understands why herders there would throw rocks. Guess all you can do is watch from a distances.

I guess I'm luckys to have some peeps like ∆≈ but he certainly is slowin' downs on MY barkin' place. Too manys Sambucas, movin' pictures and podcasts? But you're luckys to lives in neatos places and have a mistress that gives every peeps insight to life there and a master that walks you through Gibs. That would be SOO COOOOLS!



Holly said...

I hear those goats have good cheese. Maybe they will share with you if you ask nicely!


Sparky said...

Goats! They are so cool! I love goats. They have beards.


Mary-Margaret said...

What's a goat?

Oh...well, moving on, I wanted to say thank you very much for stopping by my blog to wish me Happy Birthday. It was a great day and I put some pictures up for you.

Have fun with your...goat...?? Never met one myself. Groundhogs, chipmunks, yeah. But no goats.

Bella said...

Hmmmm goat cheese yumm & I hear roast goat is pretty tasty tooo.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Freda, Do you think if your dad entered Blind Squirrel Rum in his new search engine it would lead him to my blog? Apparently google does. Not google the word, but google the engine ... if you type those words up there.


p.s. Can I come watch goats with you.

Momo :) said...

Hi Freda, this is soooo true!!
Goats=yummy cheese!! Stooopid me, I've never thought about that! I thought... fridge=yummy cheese. :D

Momo xoxo