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08 July 2007


If Blu, Bits of wit from a couple of Spitz, wears 1,2 1,2 one it must be cooools!

Both Blu and I have found the hot spots to be. HA! HA! Some how we both produced hot spots about the same times. Cooools but not cooools.

After lickin' and lickin', and my hot spot still tickin', Doc Dad got ye auld Elizabethan collars out and started to put it togethers...

Nope, not in a 1,2 1,2 millions years...

Good old Mum came to the rescues, “Let's try a warms compress first.” Yeah!

So Dad, you say this is gonna works...

If it works I MIGHT not lick and lick during the dark. Well, it did works and I didn't have to wear the E-collar. BUT during the light, guess what I did...

Okay, I guess I'll joins the club... Hi, Blus.

Since my peeps were busy this light I had to wear this stupids thingy when they couldn't watch me. I did volunteers to help outside...

I'll help in the gardens, if you just remove this...

So more compresses were applied this dark and... we'll see what we sees.



Oscar Airedale said...

Oh no, not the lampshade! Hope your hot spots clear up fast Freda!

Oscar x

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Aw Fredas you looks so plaintive and saddog.

You can't see 1,2 1,2 all sides with that funny necklace.

Maybe best to leave the hot spots alones during the darks.


BLU and Comet said...

Hot spots are NO FUN! Sorry to hear that you have one too. I hope yours goes away soon.
I hate them, but they are so much fun to lick and chew. I'm glad I just have to wear my pink bandage and not the collar.

FleasGang said...

How disgraceful it is for you to be made to wear that archaic torture device.

Scarlett gets them too but never bad enough to wear the dreaded collar. We have a prescription spray that we got from the pet doctor that works pretty well.

Get well soon,
The FleasGang

Holly said...

Poor Freda, I know how humiliating those collars are!

There is some stuff our humans buy for hot spots called Sulfodene that really helps heal them. You can get it at Wal-Mart in the pet isle.

Good luck! I hope you heal soon!


Holly said...

I gave you an award! Stop over at my blog.


Charlie said...

Hey Freda, if that collar is too bad, your peeps could try a neck brace. It keeps you from being able to reach back there, but doesn't impair your vision. My peeps used that with my predecessor and it worked for Gabbie too (although she learned to escape from it)!
- Charlie

Charlie said...

Hey Freda,

Im so sorry to hear you got those yucky sores. I get those too, and my humans got a shampoo from the vets called Malaseb, and it makes those yucky hotspots go away overnight. Its pretty good stuffs!

Luv Chucksie Bux.

P.S. As soon as you have the very cool tag "Ƨ", I thought I should have something cool too - so as soon as they call me Chucksie Bux, I thought "C$" might be cool - what do you think?

e said...

awwww Freda
Hope the hot spots go away soon. HOW ANNOYING!!!

Love ya


Murphey said...

You look miserable with the lampshade on your head. I hope it comes off soon.


Charlie said...

Um, Freda, I'm the other one... I'm more like c4 than C$ (lower-case, get it?). Hey, he's blogging about you!!
li'l Charlie

Freda said...

Thanks, Everydog, for your commiserations and suggestions of meds, shampoo and neck brace.

I guess I should be drunks, then the lampshade would look betters on me. Arf!

And to Charlies in Portland. I guess I should sniffs before I barks. Charlie-the Big Dog's link isn't workin' rights. I tried and tried to find outs which Charlies was barkin'. I went to your blog and saw your 'Charlie Bill' and ...

Well, your monica (1,2 1,2) 'c4' certainly describes you, cuz you're a BLAST!

And if I was half awakes the Luv... should have been a clues. Now I know why Mum says “GET TO BEDS!”

Wuufs to alls!



UHH We hate those torture devices!! Hope the hot spots go away!!

Freda said...

Thanks Caspers and Pals.

They're gettin' betters little by little. Dad keeps remindin' me of the e-collars. The big MEANYS!



IndyPindy said...

Oh, poor Freda! I'm so sorry! I've never had hot spots, but I have had allergies that made me chew on my paws. I hope your hot spots get better soon!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey Freda,

Just seen you double joint your paws like me. Not met other dogs who do that.


Freda said...

Hey Indys,

Thanks. Last years my allergies helped me on my ways to hot spots. This years I've stayed out of tall grasses (BOOOS!) and Mum and Dads wipe my feets and watch me more closelys.

Last dark I didn't lick and Dad put the e-collar away. Cooools!

Hey Pippas and Peeps,

Shhh... Maybe we belongs to a secrets club. Hee, hee.