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07 July 2007


Just a shorts bark about some of our animal friends.

JAL will take no more bull...dogs on their flights...

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japan airline's ban on bulldogs.

And 1,2 1,2 hundreds of organic weed eaters were killed...

SAN RAFAEL / 243 goats killed as livestock truck flips.

I think manys flyin' companies are not takin' animals due to the big hots now. And manys of those goats could have been saved but for some dummys humans.

That's just my bark.


P.S. Happys BDay, Ringos.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

We read the Japanese story said you could take your dog on the train.

We wonder if that's true.

There are many trains that don't take dogs - especially sleepers.

I don't think I'll be coming to see you just yet Freda.

Holly said...

That is so sad about those poor goats. Sounds like many of them could have been saved. Humans are stupid!


Charlie said...

We agree with Holly; so sad!
- Charlie

Freda said...

Pippas and Katherines,

Sorry the transportations is messin' up your travels plans. ;-)

The train would be soo cooools! If I'm in the train runnin' towards the front of the train at 1,2 1,2 ten mph and the trains is goin' 1,2 1,2 75 mph, how fasts am I...

Freakin' my secretary out with those complicated maths problems again.

Rights, Hollys and Charlies,

They are stupids. Bet they don't have any goats for pets or dogs or c-a-t-s for that matters.