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26 June 2007


Whew! Finallys got my secretary off his butts and back on his butts to type a quick bark for me before it is too lates. Thanks to alls for the great barks while I was aways. I barked a littles in the Wuufs area of the last postin' if you're interested. And HAPPYS BARKDAY and ADOPTION DAY to all my buddies that celebrated their great day while I was in jail at camp.

I just want to bark to all my buddies in the bottom parts of the U S of A about the Great Race that begins next weekends. Dad's bro-in-law is the head times keeper for the race. Cooools, but I guess it is a LOTS of work. Mum and Dad even saw several of the oldie cars on the ways to the start of the race while M/D were rushin' to get me out of jail pick me ups from the kennel. I think the racers may even travels part of the NAFTA Super Highway that the dummys peeps in the big white house want to builds. (My secretary says I can't bark like that or those peeps might throw a bag over my head and send me to Cubas.) Any ways, the race looks cooools! I hope some of you can get to watch part of the race.

And the firesmen ere reeeallys busy...

Mom and Dad saw 1,2 1,2 two fires in Salt Lakes City, 1,2 1,2 one in Renos...

and 1,2 1,2 one in outsides of Sacramenthos...

And Mom said this was a good ideas for Dad to take on their next trip...

Oh, oh... someone's in the HOT SEATS. Arf! Arf!



Simba said...

Glad you go out of jail. Thats a lot of fires, I hope no-one got hurt.

Simba xx

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Freda
Cools that you're back.
We looked at the Great Race stuff to see if there were 1,2 1,2 any Landies like mine.
But we couldn't get the list of participants:(
Be sure to post some piccies if you can.

Ruffs Pippa

Turbo the Sibe said...

Hi Freda! Welcome back!

Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

Jails wasn't that bad but it sure is good to be back home.

So far the only fire peeps hurt (1,2 1,2 five) have been in the Tahoe fire. Hope no mores get hurt.

Hey Katherine and Pippas,


If you want to see some piccies go to http://deltabunny.

That is a link to my barkin's last 11 July. You can see a few of the movin' boxes that my Mum and Dad saw last years. The race won't come close to us this years.

Hey Tubeys,

Thanks for the bark. I've got WAYS too much catchin' ups to do. Why that stupid peeps stuff is more importants than my blog I'll never know.



Charlie said...

Welcome back, Freda! Those fires sure are worrisome!!
- Charlie

Günter said...

Hi Freda,

sorry for being away for such a long time...

I see that you have had it pretty hot lately..? I hope you have air condition in you house, car etc..

Cool fires. My mum and dad lived in Australia a few years a ago, and there they saw several similar fires. Pretty cool as long as they are under control.. !


Holly said...

Welcome back Freda!! It's so sad about the fires! I sure hope they either get some rain or those brave firemen get them put out soon. Maybe Steve and Kat can send them some rain from Texas.