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15 April 2007


Well, Pippin made me do it. I've been ruminatin' about addin' Twitter to my overloaded blog for some times. While sniffin' around Pippin's place, I noticed she had added Twitter. Okay... I also have been sittin' on my FILM VIEWS column for a while. Guess it's times to jump in. Soo... to the consternations of my secretary I have added Twitter and FILM VIEWS to my sidebar. Since my typist's learnin' curve for anythings new is quite long, we'll see how it goes.



Charlie said...

Freda! FREDA!! Freda, Cal's back!!!
- Charlie

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Freda! You sure do have a lot of stuff on your smelly blogplace, don't you?

All very entertaining! Hope you're keeping well, doooog.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Thanks. I barked to Cal the others day. Some big inventions. Cooools!

Hey Tin Tin,

Thanks. I've got ways too much at my place. It is drivin' my typist crazys. Hee hee... Some of it will works and some wont's. We'll see what happens.



Simba said...

Always doing something different here.

Simba xx

Günter said...

You are the king of dog blogs Freda - always some new stuff!!


Jackson said...

Your blog is crammed full of good stuff. The more the merrier! J x

Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

I think always doin' somethin' crazys! I'm drivin' my typist reeeallys nutso!

Thanks Günters,

But I think some of the new stuffs, and some of the old, is gettin' olds. The musics machine is breakin' down more and more. May have to change brands or bury it for goods.

Oh Jacksons,

I'm certainly crammin'. I'm crammin' soo much I'm doin' littles else. And it's not makin' me merrys.

It would be cooools if more bloggin' buddies tried outs Twitter. It would even be coooolers if I learned how to use all the neato stuffs it has.

And I don't know if my Film Views will flys.



Ivy said...

i will haf to sniff into that twitters stuff. it just mite be fun to play wif!

Freda said...

Whoa, Günter!

Thanks you! Lots of slobbers! So cooools to have a bark on my Film Views. I may just carrys on.

Well, Jackson,

I certainly missbarked. Günter barked on my Film Views. As McCloud used to says, 'There ya go.' Cooools!



Freda said...

Hey Ivys,

Twitters looks like it could be a lots of fun. I still have lots to learn. Check out Pippin's, too.

I just got back from visitin' Deutschland. I was sniffin' arounds your Randy's blog, Travels in München (Munich): Travelog: Munich. I thought I was theres. Soo cooools! Everydog has gotta see it.