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08 April 2007


Okay, all's fair. I got CHEESE so I guess my secretary can have some CHOCOLATE. It's his turn to drools over his favorite food. Again, this BBC thingy pops up... BBC NEWS | Europe | Latvia bears giant chocolate gift.

Dad looks reeeallys funny in a droolin' bucket. Ruff!



Toby said...

Hi Freda!~ Happy Easter!~ You're so lucky to get cheese!! I LOVE cheese!~


Fu Fu said...

Hey Freda, your easter must be great with all the cheese. And Chocolate... Yummy....

~ fufu

Hans said...

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Jackson said...

Easter bear? I prefer the Easter bunny myself because you win twice over. They deliver the Easter goods and then you can eat the bunny as well. Can't lose! J x

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Cheeeeesseee!!! Yummy! And it means training time too for me!

On a side note. If it's not too much trouble, could you visit our doggie friend, Casper D Dog and send him and his human your well-wishes? Casper has gone into relapse and would very much like our support.


Günter said...

Hope you had a great Easter Holiday Freda.

My dad said he could kill for that chocolate...

Take care,


Simba said...

I hope you had a good Easter. I love cheese.

Simba xxx

Tasha & Eva said...

Hi Freda, Tasha here. We've been reading your cool blog for awhile now. We love it when you talk about food (for us) and beer (for dad). We really like all the great pictures of you, too. We finally got our humans to give us a blog, and we would like for you to come visit it sometime. Belly Rubs from Tasha & Eva.

Holly said...

I would like a giant 88 pound cheese bunny.


Hammer said...

Hi Freda

I'm pleased you had such a good Easter.

Mum won't let us have chocolate .. no way. She's into 'natural' and she gives us mozzarello cheese and organic eggs and lots of other stuff, which we love. We also had some marrow bones for Easter too.

Love from Hammer

Toby said...

Hi Freda!~

I've come with a message for you. Sophie Brador can't seem to get your blog to load. She says she misses you lots!!!!

Tobes (the mailman!~)

Dory and Liza said...

I love cheese too!! I have to say Freda we love visiting your blog - you humans have alot of food stuffs going on!!

Wet nose smooches - Dory

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

I love cheese too--what kind is your favorite? I like the white kind best. My people also like chocolate, but I think I like Cheese more.

See ya

Ivy said...

ooo! i luv cheese! and now i luv chocolate too... my randy brot back a bag of choco-snacks für hunde -- that means it is for ivy!!

Tasha & Eva said...

Hey Freda, Tasha here. Thanks for sniffin' out our spot! We added our selves to your way cool Guest Book. Its fine you linked to us and we have linked to you. Love the nose art!! We got a sliding glass door that goes out to the deck and for some reason the humans are always cleaning up all our wonderful creation. Humans just don't apppreciate fine works of art. Oh, well, they are just humans after all! Belly Rubs, Tasha

Freda said...

Hey Toby, Fu Fu, Jackson, Günter, Simba, Holly, Hammer, Ivy, Pippin, Dory and Liza,

I'm glads everydog had a great Easter.

I love my CHEESE. My nose says that yellow is my favorite. But I bets I could eat white, if I had to.

My Dad would always choose chocolate over cheese (What a dummys!) and he certainlys would never give me any, cuz he wants it all for himself. Arf! Arf!

Furkids, I barked to Casper, but haven't heard anything lately. Hope everything goes well.

Toby, I sniffed around at Sophie's. Don't know yet if she can get through.

Tasha and Eva, thanks for signin' and linkin'. We artists know we're good. Guess that's all that's counts.



Sharon said...

There's nothing better than cheese for a snack! Good thing we live in Wisconsin so we can eat the best whenever we want!

Freda said...

Hey Snickers,

You're soo luckys! Do you eat any of that reeeallys stinky cheese? My dad's dad's uncle use to have cheese parties and he always had that stinkys cheese.