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06 December 2006


I always bark Dad to 'take photos, take photos' at family dennin's, but then I never posts them. This year I promised that I woulds and I'm gonna. Even if it's Red Heart Day or somethin', I'm gonna post my S-Day photos. Kinda like humans and their borin' slide shows of the vacation to the lakes. So if you've had enoughs of those Turkey/Sauerbraten Day blogs you are free to move about the blogosphere or chew on some Greenies.

Tule and her humans arrived Wednesday mid-light before the big eatin' day and left late Sunday darks. Guess that sets the times frame. I'll let the photos from my spy camera tell the rest.

Before the pack arrives, a little shoppin'...

Advent Calendars. Check...

Oh goodys. Mom's makin' Chex Mix again.

After they arrive, a bit more shoppin'...

I think Tule's readys.

And we've got little pieces and a parade...

Is that a tuna?

Guess not...

Hey Scooby!

Now the reals work begins...

Tule's mom learnin' to make those wonderful
potato pancakes...Yummers...

And THEY eat...

There's that pink stuffs again.


Sooo...WHEN DO WE EAT??!!!!

And dessert...

Concord grape pie?

More little pieces...

I wanna do this one next.

I'll bark right now... It's Col. Mustard,
in the library, with the...

Sunday dark...

Buckle up, Tule. See ya Christmas Eve.

Sorry if your humans fell asleep. Barked it would be borin'!

Christmas slides next!.


Toby said...

Hi Freda!~

Oh my gosh, look at all those yummies!!! It's making me drool!~ Can I come over??

I'm glad you liked the card!~ Have a very merry christmas!~


Anonymous said...

How clever are you doing a puzzle. Hope you got fed in the end.

Simba x

Anonymous said...

Wow - you had foods even I never ever saw before! Doesn't matter, it's all GOOD.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Don't you love shopping in the bags our peeps bring home from the store? I love the holiday photogs!

Murph the Dog

Freda said...

Hey Toby,

Come over anytime, but you missed the one big meal of the year here. Usually it's lots of veggies, yogurts, chickens and tunas. Though we did have steak chili the other darks.

Sooo manys cards. It's fun!!!!

Hey Simba,

We got those pieces together but now Dad wants to do a big stoney castles one two one two (one). I say NO! I need to catch up on my bloggin'!

Hey Buster,

Mom's a good cooks but every once (Whew!) in a whiles, she comes up with some strange stuffs. This isn't stranges but BAD. She gave me some cheese the other day and it had a teenys tinys piece of yuckie broccolis on it. NO WAYS! I barked. I sat there until the green stuffs was removed. YUCK!

Thanks Murph,

I loves my spy camera and I loves the holidays and the shoppin' bags. I prefer plastic over paper. Guess it's from my days on the streets. I usually just take stuffs out. It's fun!

Wuufs to all!

Anonymous said...

we liked your pictures, freda!
of course, they did make us a little hungry!

Freda said...

Hey Akira and Shiro,

Thanks. I wish I could eat pictures. Mom's cookin' readers have such good things in them. They look sooo good.