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04 December 2006


At this time of years, my dad always recites to me, a captive audience, and any other unfortunate body (yous) that walks by, this sob story:

For our family, St. Nick's Day is our opportunity to "send" our Christmas list to Father Christmas. Every St. Nick's Eve we each hang our stockin' with care with our wish list inside. How else does Santa know what we want for Christmas? Overnight the elves break into the house, just kiddin', they arrive and pickup the letters. IF, we have been good, we wake to find goodies in our stockin'. If we have been rascals, we will find potatoes or coal. AND our wish list is at the North Pole early enough to be filled.

He explains that this gives the elves one two one two (18) days to makes all the toys and stuffs I wants. Cooools! I can sees that. If I put my toys and treats list in my stockin' on Christmas Eve, it's too late for the elves and Santa to make or get me what I reeeeallys wants, unless it just happens to be in Santa's sleigh. He certainly doesn't have rooms to carry everything, just in case.

Sounds good to me. So I'm puttin' my list out tomorrows darktime. How about you?

My favorite Delta Christmas Bunny,
from A Christmas Story.

Wait a minutes. What's with all this pinks stuff?


Herbie said...

Hi Freda, I wish my M would let me put in my wish list, but she says she does not have space for 28374576 packs of food.

PS: I've got your lovely card! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Eleves break into the house!!! Not sure I like the sound of that. You have to be good? Is too late to start now?

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

We hung our stockings last night, and stuck our santa letters in them.

Bussie Kissies

Freda said...

Hi Herbie,

I got your cooools card too. Thanks. You look like you're into the spirits of things. Ruff! I tried to sniff around your place last night to tell you but couldn't get in. Tried again this AM and things started disappearin' when I clicked thems. Cool place though.

I think you are lyin' on snow, not sand. Looks like you're 'California Dreamin' ' to me.

I wish my secretary would get PhotoShop for me. But then HE would be playin' with it all the times instead of typin' for me!

Will try sniffin' around your place again later.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Hey Simba,

Yeah, those elves. Kinda scary. Wonder if they're anything like gnomes? I'm gonna open all the windows tonight so they don't break anything and wear my PJs to keep warms.

Simba, I know you've been good. So don't worrys. Should I bark it? Should I? Be Happy!

Hey Buster,

Got your wonderful card. I can take out your photo and everythings. Cooools! Thanks.

That's not fairs. Hangin' your socks alreadys. Now you'll get all the goodies first. Wait... You live on the right coast. I live on the left coast. And if my nose (Or is that, knows) knowledge is correct, you would get your goodies first anyways. Okay. You're 'right'.


Ivy said...

ooooo! i like that idea! i always get bones and skweeky toys from santa. i wunder how he knows thats just wut i want wen i never telled him before?

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

He might be a psycho, I mean psychick. He ranges freely all over the places all years. He might be a peepin' turkey or somethin', lookin' in windows...WATCH OUT LADY HUMANS!... And maybe droppin' off the eaves listenin' to secrets and stuffs.

I don't know how he does it, but he does. That's cooools!


Anonymous said...

I really like Christmas!! I was rescued on Christmas eve last year, so it is especially meaningful for me!

Your picture of the bunny boy is from my dad's favorite movie. He tortures mom with it every year making her watch it!!


Freda said...

Hey Holly,

Wow! Rescued just in time for lots of presents. You worked that just right. I was rescued on 20 December 2000. Cooools! Aren't humans great!

Every Christmas we go to Tule's place and are also tortured with A Christmas Story, but Dad and Tule's mom loves it! They play it over and overs. 'Don't shoot your eye outs.' Ruff! Ruffs! The hounds and the turkey and the Christmas duck. Sooo cooools!

One year, Holly. That's reeeallys great. Lots of licks.

Let's all take time to enjoy the season and loves our families.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the Froggy Folidays!!! YOu looked so good on the card, can't tell you are 10! Thanks again!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Freda said...

Hey Miss Sunshade,

Glad you received my card. It sure took a long times. Hope my secretary got your address right. I bet he messed a whole bunch up. What a DUMMYS!

Thanks. I try to put my best end forwards. Many times I certainly feels those one two one two (ten) years. Like, every daybreak.