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23 December 2006


Just a short MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my good buddies and their humans (and c-a-t-s too, I guess). I want to thank everydogs for all the woofs and stuffs and suggestions and ideas I've gotten to make my blog betters.

This past year, It's been reeeallys fun sniffin' around all your places, somethin' I've not done enough of. Seein' all those cooools photos and videos and hearin' all that musics. You guys and gals have some awsome blogs.

Since Blogger is forcin' us to visit Mr. beta I have told my secretary to make preparations to enter the dark side over the next weeks or so. Hopefully, the trip will see us safely on the other side. In addition, Mom and Dad have been 'volunteered' to be members of a script panel for a musical production here at the compound. And Dad has to make one two one two (two) posters for the musical. Like little bees, they'll be.

So until next year(?) HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A GREAT 2007!!!!!. I leave you with some photos of the holiday lawn stuffs in the 'hood...

No Santa! It can't be true!!!

Hey, Dad rode one two one two (one) of these in Nigeria!

Deers skeletons...

And we can't forget FESTIVUS. Here are my woofin's about our Festivus celebrations last years...



And last but not leasts. Somethin' to keep your humans occupied durin' those long hours with no football games on the magic box. (Don't Shoot Your Eye Out)


jaffeboy said...

Hey Freda, have a very merry Xmas & a fantastic 2007. To your parents too, have a great year ahead!!!

Ivy said...

oh those deers skeletons are way skary! sandy dog has some of them in her yard too and they give me the shivers wenever i look at them.

happy festivus! merry christmas!

Anonymous said...


happy wallyday and barkin' new year! my sister tries to chase the deer skeletons (she's not too smart).


Anonymous said...

Hey Freeeeda!

I posted a happy barkday wish for you below.

But you know why those deer are skeletons don't you? I barked at them and scared them so bad that they flew out of their skins. Happens all the time here.


Freda said...

Hi Jaffe, Ivy, wally and M-the-V,

Thanks for the Christmas and Barkday wishes.

And about those reindeers bones...Aren't they suppose to be runnin' around on Halloweens?

Happy New Years to alls!


Raisa Husky said...

How did Santa ended up there with that motorcycle?!
Have a very happy 2007. I hope Mummy gets used to her new schedule soon, so she will let me use the PC more often!
Licks :P

Freda said...

Ruff Raisa,

I think Santa traded in his reindeers. BoOOOoooos! I just don't believes it. I bet he'll find the moto is too noiseys and wearin' a helmet smashes his hat.

Those schedules can be a pain. Hope your mom can get things settled soon so you can bark some mores.


Anonymous said...


I'm so pleased I've met you, and my mum sure is too.

Hope you have a wonderful time in 2007.

Love from Hammrt

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Freda

My mum is tired tonite. She can't even spell my name properly !!! We're having a quiet nite (do you understand why ?) but it's okay because we're all home together and we love each other, and this is more important than typing proper.

Hugs to you and your mum
from your friend, Hammer

Freda said...

Hi Hammrt, I means Hammer,

I'm sure glads I met you and your family too. You beach photos looks soooo neato!

We all hope your one big wish comes true in 2007 and that wish will be my wish for next year too.