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23 December 2005


After helpin' Dad with our Festivus Pole, which fell down!, Dad surprised me with several photos he shot on the way home the other day.

What is it?! What is is?!

Wish it were a bone.

He said we would drive out into the country and he would show me somethin' unbelievable. WOW! A giant vole!. No, he said. 'What day is today?' Come on , Dad. It's Festivus! 'Right.' So we drove on a really windy road (Not windy but windy. Weird.) for a while and suddenly there in front of me stood the tallest Festivus Pole I had ever seen.

And me with any empty bladder!

And then there were more.

Please give me some water!

Whole hillsides.


Apparently they were goin' to have the largest Festivus celebration in the world right here! Then I saw the unbeleivable. Only in California... They were decoratin' a Festivus Pole. That's what dad saw on the road! Festivus decorations! One of the Festivus Stars.

Dog! Hit the deck! Deck the poles...

I guess when you have a bunch of Festivus Poles together and they are decorated it looks kinda pretty.

The sheep got front row seats.

Then we went home to begin the fun. The Feats of Strength! Dad bein' Dad tried to move the car four inches north...

Come on Dad! I've got two Greennies ridin' on this!

The bed six inches up...

This is no time to sleep!

And arm wrestle me for a Greenie. NO WAY!

What a wimp!!

And after dinner it was finally dessert time. Good ol' Czech kolackies.

When no one's lookin'...

All in all, a bad great time was had by all.

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