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28 October 2006


Sorry I haven't been able to report on my skerddy situation, but it's Mom's fault! She's been hoggin' the magic typer! The other dark time, Tule's mom sent Mom a puzzle email from JigZone: Jigsaw Puzzles. So now, if she isn't checkin' on goin' away stuff, she's playin' stupid puzzles.

Mom says it's fun, but I bark it's a waste of MY time!

I know somethin's goin' down. That reader about UROPES. Those Gnomes. All that prettys monies. The Gnomes. Those little blue readers with pictures of Mom and Dad, lookin' like some kinda bad humans. THOSE AWFULS SUITCASES!!! The fortnight. The Gnomes.

Well, the HUMANS made a big mistake. They left the UROPES reader open and I discovered their destination...

P-O-R-T-O... No, I think, P-O-O-P-O! Where are those Gnomes?

I can't believe it!... Bark it isn't sooo...

Then I spyed through Mom's iMac History and found where they are stayin'. Maybe I can get somedog to barks on the farbarker in the middle of every night. That'll teach 'em! Or cancel their rooms. Heehee.

Pestana Porto ©

Castelo Santa Catarina ©

Then this mornin' I wake up to readers all over the short table. I just can't believe it...
What about me?

It's soo over whelpin' whelmin'.

I Me Mine. Just you and me, buddy.

And now those dummys suitcases are full...

It's all over. All is lost. Just take me...

Those stupid Gnomes!

What's a fortnight?


Turbo the Sibe said...

Stupid humans with their stupid non-taking-a-dog-trips!

Turbo the Sibe said...

...and sorry about the Corn Boys losing to the Cow Boys. This makes the Big 12 even weirder this year!

My Human is old. She still thinks of the "Big 8."

Freda said...

Hey Tubey,


Cow Boys and Wagons and Bevos, Oh my! Stupid song! I think there needs to be a stampede off a cliff.

Yah, my dad longs for the return of the Big 8. My humans went to town with one two one two (3) minutes left in the game one two one two (33-23) to see one two one two (two) small Tall Ships and came back and the score was one two one two (41-29). Must have been a wild few times!

I just remembered, humans have to move times back during the dark, so I get one two one two (one) more times before I go to that camp. Ruff! Bet my humans didn't think of that. Maybe they'll miss their flyin' box.

Go Big 8!!


Toby said...

Hey Freda,

Thanks for visiting my blog...and of course you can link me!~ I'd be totally honored.

As for your hoomans going somewhere without you...that sucks! I suggest you state your case and hold your ground. Don't take no for an answer until they get you a ticket too!!


Charlie said...

I agree with Turbo! It's stupid.

Opy & Charlie are sendin' a jet over to get you & bring you to their no-HUMANS-allowed party - meet us at Opy's and we'll party till the K-club gets there!!

Freda said...

Hey Toby,

Gotcha covered. Good advice, thanks. I've got one two one two (two) days to either stop this idiocy or get a ticket. I don't know if I can breaks them down. I do have one two one two (one) more move up my leg.


Hey Charlie,

Sounds great. If I can't get the dummies to stop or a ticket, as Toby suggests, I'll rearrange our solar yard lights to show the jet where to land, if by darks. If by days, just land on the drivin' range. I'll be there.

Let's PARTYS!!


Jay said...

Hi Freda, I hate it too when J goes overseas without taking me. :(

Maybe you could get them to leave the PC on so that you can still blog, and have us as company?


Shannon said...

Hey Freda,
That really sucks that your people are going away without you. I say stop eating. Than they'll think your sick and will stay.

Anonymous said...

They need to leave the computer on so you can do jigsaw puzzles. I love that site! We can even have contests - who can do them fastest!

Bussie Kissies

p.s. Is that you in that doggie jigsaw puzzle?

Freda said...

Hey Jay,

I wish we had our laptop magic typer back and the K camp had Wi-Fi. I could sneaks it in. That would be cooools!

Those over the big water trips suck don't they. Why can't they just stay home like good humans?

Hey Shannon,

Today I DID not eat until about an hour ago. All I had durin' the light was grass, which I chundered right away. I'm reeeeeally upset about my humans leavin'.

Hey Buster,

That puzzle dog does look a little like me. And I AM goin' to pieces about my Mom and Dad leavin'. I think Dad is gettin' a little sick about it too.

I like your idea of playin' puzzles. We should start a dog puzzle pack with everydog.

Got to go to bed and dream that this darkmare is only a dream. Ruff!!

Wuufs to all!