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21 October 2006


As you know, we on the left coast have been waitin' a long time for the BIG ONE. It finally happened! While Tule was still snoozin', Dad and I were on our mornin' walk. That's when I found it. It was HORRIBLE!! TERRIBLE!!

As soon as I found it, I decided to warn everydog and their humans of the impendin' disaster...

Luckily, Dad calmed me down and I didn't make a fool of myself. THAT, would have been a disaster!!


Shannon said...

Hey Freda,
your welcome for the nom. That is an awsome photo. ANd I especially like the guarding the house caption.

You can't get into my blog because there isn't one there. I've had to fake a blog so I can leave doglets like yourself messages.

That is pretty money Freda that your ppl have. Is it Australian dollars. Those would smell like Opy and Charlie.


Charlie said...

Nooooo... nooooo!!! You better grab that booklet thingy & get yourself up here before it starts shakin'!
- Charlie

Jay said...

Hey, no one will blame you even if you raised the alarm. Better be safe then sorry. :)


Turbo the Sibe said...

Sorry that the cows beat your Corn Boys!

The striped C-A-T-S beat the purple ones, though!

The Army of Four said...

The least the purple cats could have done would have been let ME go with them to where Tubey lives! They got their clocks cleaned - serves them right!
Play bows,

Anonymous said...

You can come here to the disheveled state of the floribbean. Hurricane season is over, just in time for the Miami Hurricanes to win a season!

Bussie Kissies

Fu Fu said...

Hi Freda, Why's there an EARTHCRACK? It looks scary...

~ fufu

Freda said...

Hey Shannon, or should I bark Phantom Blogger,

A watch dog has to always keep on his or her toes!

A phantom. Cooools!

I sniffed and sniffed and can't find any scent of Charlie BD or Opy or Tin Tin. Hmmm... I'm still spyin'.

Thanks Charlie,

What a great offer, but I'm kinda like those Califoniar moo cows and like to feels the coools massage in my feets. Anyway, they found the booklet thingy! ARRRGGG!

Hey Jay,

You're right. That is part of our creed... TO PROTECT. Guess Lassie never worried about turnin' red. Arf! A red Lassie!

Congrats Tubey!

Yah, the Bevos ate up the Corn Boys. Don't understand why they don't use a round ball. Glad you put the p cats where they belong.

And Ao4,

The p cats got what they deserved. One of my dad's outlaw bros is a purple cat fan. Bet he's reeeeally purple now. Hehe!

Hey Buster,

Thanks for the invite to the big wind state. Now I have to decide...Be swallowed up by the dirt or blown to Oz. At least Toto had some fun in Oz.

The Miamis fight. If I go there, I better be careful.

Hey Fu Fu,

Dad said that's where the gobbins and gargles come from at Great Punkin time. Now THAT scardied me.


Ivy said...

wow that earthcrack is pretty skary freda! i wudda runned away too! speshelly if theres gobbins and gargles comin out of there! yikes!

i didnt ever thnk that shannon wuz a phantom! sumtimes she writes phantom notes on my bloggy too! how cool!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

You know Freda, you being so alert and looking out for everydog is a comfort.

It means lazy ones like me can sleep a bit longer and easier in our beds when we're not out checking up on things.


Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

I'm findin' more and more of those earthcracks. Skady, skardy, it makes me but Dad says it's gettin' closer to Great Punkin Day. Not to worry. Well...I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.

Barkin' about Phantoms. My humans love Bogle's ( wine. I wonder if Shannon helps them make it?

Hey Tin Tin,

No worries, Mate! You'd do the same if you found danger in your neighborhood. When I saw those earthcracks I just switched into my Lassie mode. Kinda like Cal's uncle Mason. (http://www.loudishman.
) I guess I'm sort of a watch dog. *Wink, Wink*

Glad you can sleep in.


Shannon said...

I didn't know that my phatomness was causing all this confusion.

I just love reading everydog's blogs and didn't want to be one of those lurkers who just read and didn't comment. So I made up a blog. I just really don't have time to keep a blog.

Besides I don't have a dog, so how interesting a blog would it be?

Freda said...

Hey Shannon,

There's no confusions. I think it's reeeeally cooools that we have a friendly phantom floatin' from blog to blog. I think, if you had a home, the mystery would be gone.

If you need a place to rest for a whiles, we can make room here. Right, Dad? [Right.]

But you have to bring treats!


Freda said...

Okay Blogger. Where's MY Comment??!! I posted it over an hour ago?

It's on this page but not my front page.


Freda said...

Thanks Blogger. Must have been your nap time.