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15 August 2006


I woke up yesterday and found out that Raisa had tagged me and now I have to reveal some of my inner most secret weird things. Oh, the dogmanity!

So one two one two (five) of my weirdnesses or strange habits are:

1) I don't let Mom and Dad touch when I'm around.

2) I don't chase bunnies. I just sit and watch them. Hey, I'm a Delta Bunny!

3) I want to eat LWDs. (Little White Dogs) Sorry!

4) (A secret) I don't think my secretary ever went to secretary skool.

5) (Actually a request) I want my mean, green, golf cart machine heated and air conditioned so I'm comfy when I go on walks in bad weather. Or any time I'm cruzin'. Arf! Arf!

Second, I must let you know the Rules: The player of this game starts by listing "5 weird things/habits" about yourself, then you "tag" five friends and list their names. Those who get "tagged" need to write on their blogs about their "5 weird things/habits", as well as state this rule clearly, then "tag" five more victims. Don't forget get to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

And thirdly, I must tag one two one two (five) of my radomly selected Paw Pals. May I have the envelope please... And the winners are... Bosco, Cal, Charlie, Günter, JackAttack and Pimm

Okay, I can't count.

Hey, we're leavin' early tomorrow! I am sad and glad.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Safe Journey Freda and human pal!

About the tagging thing, I think my human is too lazy to do that and I have been threatening to pull a hunger strike ever since Ender tagged me. The bark to typolator is broken (melted a few weeks ago) so my human is typing this for me.

PS from Cal's human: Just wait and see how long a hunger strike lasts from Cal - he's actually in there chowing down and burping right now . . .

Charlie The Big Dog said...

I am learning lots of things I never new about my favorite friends with this tagging game - its fun!

Be safe Freda, and we wish good things for you and your family.

Conners said...

No doggie takes better care of things than you Freda. I really like your take charge ways and the way you keep mom and dad in line. Humans need that sometimes. (A LOT ACTUALLY!)LOL
Hope all go well with G Mom and G Dad, but with you there that's surely to brighten up their spirit.
Love from Conners and licks and tail wags from Shasta

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Freda

I know your away - But I just wanted to leave a note letting you know one of your friends nominated you for an award in the dogswithblogs awards this month.

You can vote Here

Freda said...

Thanks Conners and Shasta,

I think I reeeeally helped when I traveled to Colorado to see GDad and GMom. Both of them felt better by the time we left. (Maybe they were glad to see us go. Arf! Arf!)

As for my humans, too much of that touchy feely stuff is not good, unless I'm gettin' all that touchy feely stuff. I can't have them disappearin' for hours on end. I need to eat and walk and pee and stuff.

As we all know, takin' care of our humans is a one two one two (30) hour a day job!

Thanks again.



Freda said...

Hey Charlie TBD,

Thanks for the info. I've gone to Here and voted, but I can't tell you for which dog blog I voted for. Arf! Arf! They are all great blogs.

Thanks again.



Freda said...

Hey Cal,

Tryin' to catch up on things here...
I've tried the 'ME NO EAT' thing and it doesn't work. My humans just say, 'Okay, don't eat. It just saves us money.' Then I hear them whisperin'. Hmmmm...

Like Charle TBD barked, we learn some weird things about our buddies. Some things we don't want to know.

Hope you're watchin' YOUR weight like your humans are watchin' theirs.

Woopf! (Moupf full)