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01 July 2006


Mom's brother, who's the boss where they make the external fuel tank for the shuttle, has to spend another day at the Cape because NASA gave the shuttle a bath scrubbed the launch. He is there to help if there are any problems with the launch.

One two, one two... Where's the shampoo?

If you want to watch the launch go to NASA - NASA TV Landing Page. You can choose your own media player there. We'll be watchin' again tomorrow at 1526 hr EDT.


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Freda

I didnt know the shuttle was cleared to fly again?

Thanks for the tip - that means Dad and I get to watch NasaTV and J-track for 2 weeks - SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!

Luv Charlie and the wood

Ivy said...

as the peepol return to space again we shud all stop to remember laika, the first dog in space. she didnt want to be a space pioneer (i wuddnt want to either!)

Raisa Husky said...

Perhaps the Brazilian footballers could take a lift and be left in space... It is not safe for them to come back to Brazil after Saturday's match.

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Glad you got the info. Always coool watchin' the space humans. And you've got all that wood to snack on. LUCKY!!!!

Some important humans still aren't certain it should fly yet.



Hey Ivy,

Poor Laika. She had nooooo idea what was gonna happen. I FREAK OUT when I take a ride in a up and down box. Yes, let's not forget her, and celebrate her sacrifice every 3rd of November.

Thanks for the info.



Hey Raisa,

I think they should be given a parade just to celebrate gettin' as far as they did. If I do somethin' I shouldn't do, yes, my humans are disappointed for a while, but in the end they still love me.

Hmmm... Spaceball. That would be a cooool match to watch. Maybe you have a great idea after all. Just send them up to practice. Arf! Arf!



Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Checked out J-Tracks. Cooool! Tryin' to find STS-121, then remembered it will be goin' to the ISS soon.