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02 July 2006


NASA has scrubbed the launch again! Guess Mom Nature is goin' to give it a bath. Next attempt at 1428 hr EDT 04 Jul 06. They start barkin' again at 0830 hr. Some fireworks for my dad's retirement celebration?


If you want to watch the launch go to NASA - NASA TV Landing Page. You can choose your own media player there.

It's reeeeeally cooooool listenin' to the ground crews barkin' to each other and the space humans. And watchin' the space humans get out of their flyin' box. My humans' tax monies at work for somethin' good. Hmmm... Should be spent on me! Arf!

1 comment:

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Freda,

My Dad just loves watching Nasa Tv. When they show Mission Control, there's 3 big screens in the front of the room, and Dad wants to know about the screen on the right. It shows the shuttles roll/position in relation to earth? Is there a live net feed of that screen anywhere?


Luv Charlie