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11 July 2006


Mom and Dad got to see a bunch of the old time movin' boxes in the Great Race. They went up to Winters, CA and took some pictures with MY spy camera. It was way too hot for me to go. Their bro-in-law was in Vallejo gettin' ready for the end of that day's leg.

1916 Packard (Texas/Pennsylvania)

1954 Chevy Corvette (Kansas)

1934 Dodge Panel Delivery Truck (Vermont)

1934 Ford Indy Car (South Africa-Bahama)

1928 Ford Speedster (Louisiana)

THE WINNER!!! 1916 Hudson 4 Passenger Speedster (Arkansas)
Ruff! Ruff! Concats Congrats.

Now that the Great Race and FIFA World Cup (Congrats to Italy) are over, my secretary is wonderin' what we're gonna do for the next year, let alone the next four.

COME ..ON..DAD! We've got all the dog shows, agility trials, etc and for the humans there is a host of magic box stuff. Like the British Open, the Ryder Cup Matches and college gridiron games. (We have gone retro and use only bunny ears so we don't get much magic box stuff.) And there are things in the big ether like the Tour de France 2006, all the sailin' leadin' to the America's Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, the AFL-Australian Footy League and the upcomin' A1 Grand Prix racin' season. And there is always rugby and the 2007 Rugby World Cup and cricket with the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup comin' up.

So Dad, you big mouse potato, don't wine whine to me that there are no coooool sportin' events to watch or check out in the big ether.


Raisa Husky said...

I'm already missing the World Cup, but now I can see lots of falling-on-the-floor pop-corns in the future :P
There are also the Rio 2007 Pan American Games next year ;)

Woofwoof said...

That 1934 Ford is great looking. I am drooling (more than usual).