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11 April 2006


Well, Mom and Dad FINALLY!!! took me to see the dog doctor. I began limpin' off and on about two weeks ago. Dad talked to the dog doctor when I went in to get my border teller eye/nose stuff one two one two (11) days ago. The doc wasn't that concerned. Neither was I, but last week I reeeeally started to limp and hurt right after I got up from my beauty naps. So back to the place where the cold grey table goes up and down at the doc's place. The doc gave me a hug and checked my right shoulder. My rotatin' stuff was torn. I didn't cry, sniff or anything. He said I was a stow away stoic. Dad had to spend lots of monies for a pain killer and Cosequin DS for me.

They don't taste too good. Yuck!

The first night I took all that stuff. The next day I felt better. As I napped through the day I thought about that killer stuff. Hmmm...I don't like killer stuff in me. It might reeeeally work. So I am dogcottin' that stuff. Anyway, it's reeeeealllly yuckie!!.

I wish those Cose tabs tasted better. My secretary has to crush them between one two one two (2) spoons, dissolve the powder in nice warm chicken broth and pour it over my kibble. Still doesn't taste that good. So I asked my secretary to find a better way of gettin' that stuff into my tummy. He came up with a kibble with that Cose stuff already in it. It's called Senior Plus Dog Formula and comes from Flint River Ranch. And now I'm tryin' to figure out if I am a Plus Dog or a Senior Dog.

So this weekend I took it easy.

Hard at work helpin' Dad wash the movin' box.

I thought Mom made me a 'Get Well' basket but it was an Easter (or is it now called a Spring?) basket for Tule's humans. Booooo! But there was chocolate in it so I couldn't have anyway.

Wow, a 'Get Well' basket! Für mich?

There has been a lot of fallin' water around here. A bunch of humans are worried about the levees bustin'.

No fallin' water lately.

Right after fallin' water. Surf's up!

So I thouhgt I might go outside when there wasn't any fallin' water or busted levees and check out a sweet odor that crawls through the house.

Takin' time to smell the roses jasmine.

Of course, I took too much time sniffin' and all of a sudden there was more fallin' water.

I've got to pee and it's rainin' cats out there. Come on!

It finally stopped and off I went to go! Whew!


Raisa Husky said...

I never had to take pain killers, but Donna used to tell me that they really did not taste good. Mommy used to vary the means of making it taste better, putting it inside a saussage, cheese or sth the dogs here enjoy.
The weather here is getting better, and I listened on TV that it will start to get colder and colder from now on :)
You fan Raisa.
P.S. (long): Mummy is taking a teachers training course, whatever it is. She needs to prepare a microteaching for her next class. Well, she is thinking about using your text and pics about the "Farbarker" for a reading lesson. She asked me to ask you for permission to use the material from your blog?

Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

Yes, your mom may use my "Farbarker" story for her reading lesson. It would be cool if she told them about my blog. Maybe I could make some new buddies. Ruff!

My mom was a teacher too, in reading, writing and social studies. For the past three years she has been training teachers all over California in a writing program. Next week she retires, again.

It's nice to know that what I bark may be used to help someone.

In Brazil. Wow!! Ruff! Ruff!

Tell your mom, boa sorte and muito obrigada. (I hope that is correct.)



Freda said...

Hey Raisa,

Forgot to bark, thank you for asking.

Maybe your mom could take a photo of the reading class.



Raisa Husky said...

My Mum was graduated as a translator and now she is back to the university for teachers training. She has an assignment for her class and she thought that working with an advert of the farbarker and with your text would be an interesting activity. If her professor enjoys the lesson, Mum may use it in her teaching practice - which will start in May in a state high school.

If Mum uses the lesson on her practice and there is a chance, she may take a pic for you :)

Spirit said...


I hope you feel better soon. When I was sick my mom had to give me pills for two weeks so that I would feel better. She used to hide them in dog treats and stuff, but I would still find them. Icky.

Pimm said...

Freda, I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I bet it's a sports injury!
We had to go to the mean doctoring place last week and the vet wants Holly to go on the Cosequin stuff too. I'm 9 and Holly is 8 so I guess we're senior dogs. (Well, I've also been called a plus dog, but I think I jus have big bones.) ANYWAY, that's nice to know about the food. We both eat Science Diet sensitive skin, because in addition to being big boned, I'm a little sensitive. Will you keep us updated as to whether or not you think the food is making a difference?

Jack Attack said...

sorry to hear aboutt he soreness! My owners trick me into takeing my pills... They pretend they are bones and get me to do tricks, and they get me all excited that when they give it to me I gobble it up really fast! And then I'm like eww!! But its too late! they are sao tricky sometimes... =D

And as for all the rain, thats horrible! I HATE the rain! I have some phobia or something... haha.. It has been raining here quite a bit too actually, nothing to worry about for me though! =D