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06 March 2006


Last night Mom and Dad kinda watched the American tiny gold human idol show. It was the first time they watched in several years. They wanted to see Mr. Stewart's apprenticeship. As my humans saw it, the programme was more or less over after Rosemary's baby nephew won the first idol. I was disappointed. Mom and Dad said the show was about the Oscars but I didn't see any hotdogs all night! Booooo!

The best part though, was when Wallace and Gromit won! (BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Wallace and Gromit's cracking careers) Yeaaa! So of course I had to find a were-rabbit. Today I drug Dad all over until we found one.

I think one was here.

Yo, Mister Rabbit!

Is that a Were-Rabbit? No!? Come on!

There's one! There's One!

I found my were-rabbit and a bunch of humans won some bookends. Congrats to all. I bet they had hotdogs at their big dinners. NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!


Ivy said...

yay gromit!! go dog go!

i loved seeing gromit and wallace in the magic window. my peepol liked it so much they watched it twice. or maybe thats becuz randy fell asleep the first time. hee hee!

i dont get all the fuss about the karits tho. the peepol gave me karits one time and they were just icky, like eating sticks. everydog knows you arent supposed to eat sticks, just crunch em up and spit em out.

Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

I love grass and I'm just gettin' into apples. My friend, Tule, LOVES karits. I just throw mine on the floor. You're right. Sticks, just sticks. Wait, I do eat cooked karits when they have lots of garlic on them. (Does that mean I'm turnin' into a rabbit?) It's the hard ones I don't like. I think one of my buddies in the big ether likes to eat sticks. Talk about RUFFage! Whatever keeps you regular. Arf! Arf!



Sam I Am said...

we are glad to see that WALLACE'S WORLD won.woof woof !!!I think my mom feel asleep reading!Dont you just love to smell for new things so you can bring them home with you .

thank you

Zoey Mae said...

I love hunting up rabbits! But not as much as I love CHEESE!!!!! Mommy added a link for your blog on MY blog. Now I can read up on you:)