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14 February 2006


So much has happened lately. I finally had to tie my typist to the chair in front of the magic typer to get him to publish one of MY stories on MY blog.

Remember sometime ago I ordered some rawhide chips? Well they finally got here...

Hey, I smell chips!!

Let me at 'em!!

So? What's the big deal? Well, I had Mom and Dad drive around lookin' for the big movin' box that brings cool stuff to the house. AND, I had heard that they were givin' out free belly rubs at the belly place in Fairfield! Hey! How far would you go for a belly rub?

So off we went...

Stop him! I smell somethin' good!

Okay! So I was wrong. What are you gonna do about it?

I guess my humans got a little fed up chasin' the big movin' boxes. Mom said we should visit the belly rub place. She wanted to buy some stuff. Wow! You buy 'em? I thought they were free! They're free at my place.

So this is where you get the belly rubs. Coool! Let's go!
What?! I can't go? What the...

Dad and I walked around while Mom went in to get some belly rubs for me. I wondered how that was goin' to work. Oh, well. I saw one of the belly guys sittin' out front. He didn't have much to say.

So, are you the guy givin' the belly rubs? Well? Well?
When's Mom comin' out?

Come on, Mom. My tummy is gettin' itchy here.

I know you're in there...

Hmmm...Maybe we can get in this way.

This waitin' is makin' me nervous.

I left some pee mail. So if you ever go to the belly place check out my message. It's quite long.

It's about time!. What's in there? Hey!
There's nothin' doggy in there. What gives, Mom?

Much to my disappointment, the Jelly Belly place is for humans. It makes and sells human candy with flavors that humans like. AND NO BELLY RUBS!!! And the free stuff was a sale. Buy one, get one free. That day I found out that a SALE can drive some humans into a frenzy.

I think the Jelly Belly place could really make a lot of moola if they added some new flavors. Such as Squirrel, Vole, Old Socks, Greenie, Dead Mammal/Bird, Chicken, Spaghetti/Pasta, Cat Poop...

I did get a belly rub when I got into our movin' box. So I guess it was all worth it.

On the way home...

Let's try THAT one. I know this is the one.

Hope everydog had a great BIG RED HEART DAY.
And their humans,too. Ruff!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Awesome story with pictures. I was hoping your mom would come out of the store with a box of tummy rubs (but I don't know what those would look like)

I wish dogs were allowed in places like they are in Europe. There dogs can go into the cafes and stuff and hang out if they are quiet and still under the table until its time to go. Better than not going in at all I suppose.


Freda said...

Thanks Cal,

It was quite a tirin' journey, and I still think they should have some doggy flavors!

I know what you're barkin' about concernin' the Euro Dog thing. Every time my humans and I are watchin' those eruo trip shows and they film a dog takin' their human into a shop, we all just look at each other and wonder why I can't do that here.

Hey, we pee on their grass and sidewalks. They walk in it and track it everywhere. We lick ourselves and lick their faces. We scoot around on their carpets, streakin' all over and they walk on the carpet in their bare feet. They pick our hair out of their food at home and still eat their meal. So what is the difference? Sacre bleu!
If that first dog in the shop doesn't poop or pee, everything should be hunky dory. Richtig, ja?

Woof! (Ouaf!)


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hey, Happy belated V'day to you and your humans too!

Take care.

Pimm said...

Your suggestions for Jelly Belly flavors are making me drool! My mom says I have a jelly belly. I growl when she says it.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Hi Freda,
We are always glad when you drop by. Thanks for the nice words.

We loved your post here! So glad you got your rawhide treats...yummy! That trip to Jelly Belly looked neat, and we loved your dawg walk there.

We hope you get many belly rubs for being such a great dawg. Purrs.

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

JuliaR said...

Very cute story, thanks.

Charlie said...

Great story, Freda and an awesome box of chips!

- C

Freda said...

Thanks Julia and Charlie,

Some times my secretary gets really sore wrists typin' my stories for me. I give him a Greenie but it is always left unchewed on the carpet. Wonder why.



Freda said...

Hey Pimm,

I'd be upset with such a comment, too, but maybe she was smilin'. Then she is just goshin' ya.

Have a great Prez Day.



puppytoes said...

hi freda! i was soooooo happy to see you had stopped by! thank you!!

oh, and i'm with you (about preferring to write about all things puppy) but sometimes my mommy gets to mouthing off about those bad/stupid people in washington, and i have to react. what can i say? i'm just an impressionable little girl! besides, if i don't say mommy's piece for her, who will??

i sure do enjoy reading about your adventures, by the way, especially this one (belly rubs/jelly bellys) and i think your idea to create yummy puppy-flavored jelly bellys is excellent! so get started, girl, and let me know when you're ready for a taste tester! i'm always available!

have a happy week : )

Jack Attack said...

Those pics are so cute at Jelly Belly! hehe! If you want to check out my dogs site feel free! Hes a German Shorthaired pointer.