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16 February 2006


Can any dog or human tell my secretary why is not selling The Quest by Giorgio Kostantinos? It can be purchased at Barnes& - Quest - Giorgio Kostantinos - Paperback. He doesn't want to use the C-word, as it has been suggested, until we find the reason behind the unavailability at Amazon. It could be legit. I told Dad not to buy anything from Amazon until we do find out. NO BOOK, NO BUY.

RUFF! From your hippy dippy dog.


Ivy said...

very strange, freda! i had my peepol check it out and they tell me that amazon used to offer the book and then they took it away. one of the reviews on b and n offers a reason:

Judy Lind, A reviewer, February 17, 2006, 1 out of 5 stars
Caveat Emptor -- and Lector too
The writer is a consummate shill artist who posted over a hundred phony customer reviews on before they finally pulled his book, and he will probably try to do the same here.

i wonder if your peepol have read the book. now i am curious wat the fuss is all about.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

How odd Freda...please keep us updated!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

Ivy said...

Amazon is being very hush-hush about it. Here is the second email my peepol got from them today:

Greetings from

I have reviewed our previous correspondence with you, and I offer my sincere apologies for any misunderstanding thus far.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any additional information
as to exactly why this title is no longer available on our website.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for shopping at

Best regards,

Brennan Customer Service

Freda said...

Thanks A Lot for the update Ivy,

This is quite a quest for the truth, isn't it?

Are your humans spy hunters or somethin'? Oh, oh. Are they workin' for Homeland Security or the NSA? Maybe they can find out what my secretary is goin' to get me for Christmas this year.

I have a spy camera, so if you guys ever need any help crackin' another big case, let me know. I helped Heidi, at (http://heidithewayunderdog.
, sometime ago.

Wonder if the squirrels have anything to do with this mystery?

Thanks again.

Woof! (Hush, hush.)


IndyPindy said...

My mom does not like - she had terrible problems trying to to order a book last weekend. It kept telling her that her order could not be processed, but wouldn't tell her why. Then several hours later she got TWO email confirmations - the order went through TWICE! By then she had already ordered it on Barnes & Noble's site, so she had to quickly cancel both orders. What a pain!

P.S. - come see the animated GIF of me that my mom made!

Freda said...

Hey Indy,

What's wrong with three copies of the same book? One copy in the bedroom, one in the livin' room and one in the movin' box when your mom is out and about shoppin'. Now, if there were three orders of Greenies comin', I bet your tail would just accidentally hit the power button...



Spirit said...

A book that my mom really loved reading was Marley and Me. She said it made her cry.

Freda said...

Hey Spirit,

My secretary has heard good things about Marley and Me. He would like to read it one day/night. Thanks for remindin' him of the book. He also remembers readin' White Fang and would like to read Nop's Trials from the 80s.



Sam I Am said...

mmmm that is strange,Last dog book we read was One of the Book Nuts Favorite books is Tornado by Betsy
Byars. This is a very special book about a very special dog
named Tornado. The book is really a collection of short
stories within a story. A family anxiously waits in a storm
cellar for a tornado to pass and worry about their father who
is still out in the storm. While they wait, Pete, the farmhand
tells them stories of his dog, Tornado, who was blown into
Pete's life during another storm years ago. Everyone loved
this story, and you are sure to love it, too. Recommended by
all of the Book Nuts

Freda said...

Hey Sam I Am,

Thanks for another dog book suggestion. Dad is goin' to have a lot of books he can use to read me to sleep. Usually, I have to help him with the big words, so he falls asleep before I do.

When I began readin' your description about a tornado and a storm cellar I barked to myself..'The Wizard of Oz! Toto!' but I was wrong.

Will check Tornado out. Thanks again.



HanktheDog said...

I haven't any answers on this one, Freda, but will be interested to find out if you get the straight scoop.

Ivy said...

Freda, my peepol wrote to Stephen King on his website ( to ask if his endorsement of The Quest on Amazon's website was real or not.

The moderator replied:
It is a total fabrication. The listing had been removed from the U.S. Amazon site, but it apparently is still on others. We plan to be back in touch with Amazon to have them remove it from all of their sites worldwide.

(message id:66087 on message boards).

So, it looks like the straight story is that the author made a boo-boo and got caught. I hate it when that happens!

Freda said...

Hey Everydog,

A big RUFF! RUFF! for Ivy, at http:/, for diggin' up the skinny on the book The Quest and that sketchy writer guy. She did a great job of canine spy work (With the help of her mom and dad).

Ivy, I bet one of your heros is Asta, who played the detective dog in The Thin Man.

Again, a big thanks to Ivy and her helpers for findin' the facts on a human tryin' to pull the sheep over our eyes.



Ruffy said...

Amazon has replied to me and told me The Quest was out of stock and the listing fee had expired. They said it would soon be back up.
I also found out about Stephen King, it is true King never endorsed the Quest, but he does endorse Giorgio. Giorgio use to write for Marvel and King has worked with Marvel before.
Which the quote says "thriller readers everywhere will soon learn the name Giorgio K." was King right? The name Giorgio K. is now known worldwide.
McGruff the Crime Dog.

Ivy said...

thanks for the ruff ruff freda. my peepol love to watch all the thin man shows on the magic window, and whenever asta ruffs i run to the magic window and look to see whats the matter.

Freda said...

Hey Ruffy,

Hi there. Couldn't get to your blog. Blogger has been 'Goofy' lately. Will try again later.

What a can of worms I opened with a little question. Thanks for you input. The story continues. Quite a saga.



Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

Asta is so coool! My dad loves the ol' b/w films. Not much tops them these days.

Mom and Dad enjoy foreign films too, but sometimes I have to help Dad with some of the big words in the subtitles. But most of them don't have subs in them except Das Boot. ARF! ARF!

Woof! (Barke!) (Bellen!)


D. Cloyce Smith said...

If you want a summary of why Amazon banned this book and its author, go to this post:

Barnes & Noble no longer carries this book either; your link is to a cached page.

Freda said...

Hey Cloyce,

Wow! Thank you for your summary. My secretary had to explain several things to me but it sure cleared up things for me and my buddies.

This discourse certainly proves how the big ether can be used for good AND bad. Thanks again.