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27 December 2005


Last week it rained, rained, rained. (Sorry Eric) We had over three inches of fallin' water in a day. It sure was dark. I got to wear my rain gear (NOT A COSTUME!) and ride in my little mean green machine. With all that rain I knew somethin' was goin' to happen, and it did.

I wonder how deep it is?

I see. Hello stupid!

The reason it flooded was due to the large number of sick sycamore tree leaves that were washed to the sewer openings and plugged 'em up. They are pretty big leaves and it doesn't take too many to plug the sewers.

Now that's a leaf!

Whenever it rains, I hear my dad singin' "If the rain comes
they run and hide their heads, they might as well be dead...
". (Sorry Fab Four) ..

STOP THE PRESSES! WE WON!!!! OUR TEAM WON!!! Tonight, our underdog (That's not nice) team came from behind and won! The very last play was a real doozie and the other guys almost won. (Wonder how many hearts stopped?) I'll let you figure out who they are. So Dad is goin' beddy-bye a happy human. Good night.


JuliaR said...

Wow, that WAS deep. I wonder why the people who have the drains in front of their places don't just go out and rake the leaves off? I do that here when it rains and we get a lake in the parking area. Dogs would do it, I bet, if they had thumbs. Unless they liked swimming.

Robin said...

wow, do take care.

May 2006, the year of the Fire Dog, brings you joy, happiness, love, good luck and lots of money!

Happy Holidays!

Sam I Am said...

Still, most drains have a lot of floating material, especially plastic bags and bottles, which could create problems during rains. Some of the drains, which had been cleaned barely two weeks ago, are again clogged with floating material. However, the clean-up operation,Freda you need your own little boat.May you get all that you wish for in the new year..2006

IndyPindy said...

Wow, that person in the car sure was stupid! Their car went swimmin'!

You look very cute in your pink rain gear!

Freda said...

Thanks Everydog/one,

My rain gear keeps me pretty dry, but Dad still gives me a good rub down after our walks, rain or shine. Mmmmm, feels sooo goood! And of course he cleans my feet. Light carpets ya know.

I was thinkin' about my supposition that leaves clogged the drain. Yes, many things could have aided in their pluggin' up. All that plastic stuff that could be recycled. Then I remembered that there are a lot of little white dogs around here. Maybe.... That's not nice, Dad says.

We have some quackers that live around the golf course ponds. I wonder if they had fun in the temporary lakes?

This just proves that many humans just don't take the time to think ahead. Leaves in the gutter. Rain storm comin'. Uh, duh. Some many of them lack a head.

Many bones and treats to all my canine friends in 2006 and great things for my human friends.



Charlie said...

I moved just in time. Stay dry, friend!

- C

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

You keep dry also. It has been rainin' a bunch up there too.