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02 November 2005


Dad was listening to NPR and heard a story about (The Radio Station All Pets Enjoy!). So I had him go to the site and WOW!

There's a dog in there! He's singin'! WOOF!

I know we are goin' to have trouble. DogCatRadio, Bollywood songs or old time radio? I guess whoever gets to the magic typer first gets dibs on hearin' rights.

But I still like Kirk Olsen - "Dog Songs". If you haven't sniffed it out yet, try it you'll like it. The Beach Dog Boogie video is still howlin' good. Maybe we can rotate our hearin' fare. Then that means a schedule. I like spontaneity though. Hmmm...


Sam I Am said...

sounds like you are having a fun day .Woof I sniffed around and had fun .thanks freda

Cal the Wonderdog said...

I love it too! Dog music has definitely gone to the dogs. Ahhroooooooooooo!


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hahaha, great link!

Thanks for the smile.

Btw, tell your human you need a higher chair. :D


IndyPindy said...

Wow Freda, thanks for telling us all about that radio station. I will check it out later. As the dog of the house, you should definetely have first dibs on the listening rights! Woof!

Tell your dad to take it easy on his back. My mom needs to take it easy too. She tried to take me for a short walk last night but started coughing, so I made her come home. She needs to take it easy!

Splash said...

Mom is always listening to stuff, too! That's funny. I had her post a list of her favs today, mostly just boring developer stuff though.

PS missed you guys, but I'm b-a-c-k

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

THANKS FREDA for the cool tunes!

Heidi said...

Dat's awesome I love da tunes.

Freda said...

Hey everyone,

Dad was paintin' today and cleanin' house. We are goin' to have company all next week so he had to get some human things done. Thanks for all your bark backs. As I just posted, Dad just found so now we are goin' have to settle who listens to what AGAIN!

Hope to visit you guys and gals in the next several days.