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09 October 2005


I have acquiesced and given part of today's posting to my secretary.

Sixty-five years ago the past, present and future of music was born in the person of John Winston Lennon. Happy Birthday.
Bagism began and continues in the hearts of those who care for their fellow humans.

Dad finally heard (Many months after its release.) some of Ringo's new album Choose Love, review by alan haber (CD for those who missed out) yesterday on the 'Blues Party' on KXJZ. From the three songs he heard, he said there were shades of Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles (White Album), a little of the Traveling Wilburys and a bit of George. So of course we have been listening to lots of the boys' songs and some cover bands. Last year he and Tule's dad saw The Sun Kings - Beatles with an!

For some Italian flavor you can listen to some samples from "Taxman" Beatles Cover Band di Reggio Calabria and The AppLE PIES'Sound.

Then there are
The Bootleg Beatles - The most successful and longest running Beatles Tribute Show. And for a list of other cover bands see 'Links' at Nowhere Men Homepage - The Italian Beatles Tribute Band. And of course the real thing at Online Classic rock Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - BEATLES-A-RAMA!!!.

I don't know what the big deal is. I like the The Voles
The Rutles - Wikipedia.

Dad says 'Try them. You'll like them'.


IndyPindy said...

Hi Freda,

My mom is a HUGE Beatles fan! She and Daddy went to see Paul McCartney Saturday night at the MCI Center in DC, they had really good floor seats...well, where else would humans sit??? Anyway, Mom said Sir Paul put on an amazing show, that his voice is top notch, and that he led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to John Lennon. He also had a nice moment to remember John and George. Mom said she will have to check out Ringo's album since you liked it so much.

Freda said...

Hi Indy,
So cooool! Did they get you a Sir Paul kerchief or somethin'? Dad has a John shirt and pin, and a Sgt. Pepper shirt he won't give up.

Mom and Dad got to see Sir Paul and Wings when they played in Melbourne, Australia promotin' their Venus and Mars album. Way back when (1975), before I became a puppy. He thinks McCarney and Band on the Run are his best. They just missed purchasing the Australian release of V&M that had a misprinted label. Only a few were sold before it was pulled and corrected.

Woof! (Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! in human speak)


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Band on the Run is great. As a dog music critic, I agree that was the top of Paul's great stuff.

We get to listen to a lot of Beatles and solo Beatlers music around here.



IndyPindy said...

No, it's too mommy got a Sir Paul t shirt for herself, but she said that Sir Paul did not sell anything for doggies or animals. What's up with that? Isn't he a big animal lover and vegetarian???

My mommy loves all of The Beatles stuff, she has all of their albums digitally remastered on CD in a boxed set. She says besides me, it is her most treasured thing. She also likes Sir Paul's solo work, especially the album Flaming Pie. She knows a few Wings songs, but not a lot, she is going to start collecting those next.

Woof, woof, woof!

IndyPindy said...

Mommy and I are listening to Sir Paul's new album right now, it's called Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, it's excellent. What a wierd name though...

Freda said...


Tule's dad has a lot of bootleg Beatles on CD and Dad has some on tape, if he can find them. Neat to hear the banter and mistakes. Dad says the boys didn't make mistakes. I beg... . Band on the Run. Was that about a band of dogs? Arf!




Does your mom like the U.S. albums or the British releases better? Dad picked up the available British releases when he lived in Nigeria back in '64/65. Beatles For Sale was brought 'home' by some English students comin' 'home' for the Christmas holiday in '64. Dad said there was a teen party at the country club and all they played was Sale. The same for all the home parties. What a fortnight. Unbelievable. Oh, oh. Dad's gettin' dreamy eyed. Ruff! Ruff! Wake up! Here comes Beatles-A-Rama! Better go. I think Dad is lost for the evening.

Hey! I'm missin' the dog show!
Thanks Dad!!!



Cal the Wonderdog said...

Bootlegs, are those legs that used to be in a boot or are those legs still in a boot? And what do they have to do with music?

But that would be so great to hear the outtakes of all of those sessions. We only got to hear a few on the Anthology DVDs. And those had to be approved by YouKnowWhoono. So maybe there was a lot more John being crazy wild and stuff on the ones that you have!

Just wondering, Cal

IndyPindy said...

My mommy says she has the American releases, but her dad has all of the Bealtes LP's on vinyl (what's that?) and that some of them are the British releases.

I can't stop singing "Yeah, yeah yeah!"

I might change a Beatles song to make the lyrics a little more "Please Cheese Me", since my mom doesn't give me cheese anymore, she says I am lactose intolerant.