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10 September 2005


Parfait was the first doggie friend I made here when we moved to Rio Vista. I don't get along with many dogs here so when I see Parfait I am very happy. Two days ago I heard that Parfait and her humans may be moving. I am very sad.

Hey, Parfait. Please don't go. Posted by Picasa

I have tried several times to get a good photo of Parfait. My typist finally got a snap just the other day and now she is moving. It always happens that way, doesn't it? You meet some dog, smell their butt, finally get to really know them and then they move!

Parfait is moving to Petaluma. They either have lots of pets there or it is a llama petting zoo and someone misspelled llama. I don't know 'fur sure'. (Some of that left coast bark.) I will certainly miss her and her humans. ARF, ARF!!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

that is so sad your friend is leaving! Maybe you can send letters with good smells on them to each other. I wish email had smells activated, can't one of our humans invent that?


Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! said...

Freda - very sorry your buddy Parfait is moving. Maybe she can start blogging so that you will be able to stay in touch, if not in smell.


Freda said...

I should really check Parfait's pee mail more often so I won't forget her. I better stop. I am getting sad again.