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05 September 2005


We have discussed the pluses and minuses of microchips for animals and jokingly hinted at the need for humans to sport them in the past. With the disastrous aftermath of Katrina the truth has hit us in right the sniffer. Yes, ALL animals and ALL humans need embedded microchips! Every day our humans read us the terrible stories of lost pets and lost human family members. During a rooftop rescue the children are picked up and taken to this center, the parents to that center and hopefully the pets go with one of the humans. If all members of the family are separated how can they quickly be reunited? Of course! The microchip. The authorities would then have a system that would greatly aid in the reunion of separated humans and pets. Just knowing that your loved ones are safe and where they are located would dispel some of the anguish being felt by the victims of Katrina today.

Finally the cruise ships we wondered about several days ago are on their way.

More good news. Seventeen families with 16 children, three dogs, two cats and one bird are being sheltered in Kearny High School in San Diego over night tonight. Tomorrow school starts so they must be moved to a motel again but at least they are safe. Hey doggies, surf's up!

I just wonder about those humans and pets that will be relocated to areas that have lots and lots of snow. Quite a change on top of everything else.

Just a side note. My mom's brother who LIVED in New Orleans and runs a NASA fabrication plant there flew to the plant by helicopter the other day. The plant is okay but only 400 of the 2000 that work there have been heard from. Hope they are all alright.

From digital photos it appears that their home just missed the water. My human thought that their house was at an elevation of three feet or so. He spent several days checking topographical maps and digital photos and thought they would be very near the flooding boundary. He was right. One photo at the height of the flooding showed the street in front of the house just partially wet. Whew! But no one has actually seen the house yet. They might just luck out. But what good is a dry house if one does not plan to return. Guess it would be easier to sell one day.

Even if one did not loose their home what are they going to do until they are allowed to return. So many lives changed forever so quickly. But I guess that happens in any natural disaster. It is only more poignant now when it so close and so big.

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