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22 July 2005


My humans are mourning the loss of the ONLY unbiased North American world news television network, NWI (News World International). My Dad told me a sorrowful tail tale. For the past eleven years the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has provided excellent coverage of world events without a left or right slant. Now that will end 1 August. Yes, he said, the BBC can be seen in 30 minute blurbs here and there, but that is not enough. The REAL world news on TV is now dead in the United States. Now humans are only able to view the news that the news machines want them to see. My human said that will change only if the intelligent news viewer demands unbiased news AND reporters begin to ask real questions and demand real answers.

After I calmed him down with a good wet kiss, he continued.
Real news can be found on the internet at, BBC NEWS, and The Christian Science Monitor, among other web sites, but the convenience and impact of television will be gone.

My human purchased
CTube! : Internet TV, Video Search and more some time ago and he enjoys watching various foreign programming, particularly Korean TV. Your human might want to check it out.

My human requests that your human visit the following sites to see how Mr. Gore and his friends will trivialize the news.

Gore purchases cable TV network - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - May 05, 2004

CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus Weblog: Al Gore, Joel Hyatt debut youth-oriented Current TV: Opportunities for wireless industry

Al Gets Gore-TV

AlterNet: MediaCulture: Al Gore Gets Down

My typist says it is just too discouraging to go on. He makes this plea, 'Please Mr. and Mrs./Ms. Reporter, do your job. Report the news, don't make the news'.

I am glad that we dogs don't need the news. Food, water, treats, toys, pee mail, a good tummy rub and good old lovin'. What more do we need. Woof, woof!


Splash said...

I'm sorry your dad will miss the news! we have sort of the same problem: we like a radio station you can't get here.....but they are on the Internet ( and we listen on the computer! Maybe your station will have xml feeds soon....!

Splashy the wired Lab

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Yes, Splash is right. There is no way to get the news anymore without the web.

The Death Star for trivialization of the news is now complete in the U.S.

Jim Lehrer seems to me to be trying to stem the tide, but corporate waves seem to be starting to wash all over PBS as well.