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01 July 2005


WARNING!! WARNING!! The following post contains photos that may be deemed inappropriate for younger canines or toy infatuated dogs. While our humans are away during the day I continually patrol the interior of the house while my toy buddies secure the garage. (Or so we state when asked how our day went.) Today while I was slaving away inside the house my garage buddies were sleeping on the job. They had partied so hard they were stuffed and did not hear the garage door opening when the humans returned. Well, you can see what happened. Fluffy awoke beneath a tire of the bug.

Minding their own business when out of the blue the bug struck. Posted by Picasa

Luckily Monkey and Red jumped into action and probably saved Fluffy's life.

'He's alive!' Posted by Picasa

'What's our next move?' 'I know. Yell, Stat!' Posted by Picasa

I went into the garage to greet my humans and as usual started checking out the new aromas on the car. Then... 'Oh, the toymanity!' The bug had pinned poor Fluffy and almost squished the stuffing out of him.

He's stuck! Oh no! 'I think he's stuffed', said Red. Posted by Picasa

Try as I might I could not pull Fluffy free.

Don't just stand there! Help me!
Posted by Picasa

After I told the bug driver the situation, Fluffy was freed and lived to tell the story. Though his voice is a little hoarse and he can only speak in very short syllables he praised the quick thinking of his friends, Red, Monkey and Freda.

Fluffy recuperating with friends.
Posted by Picasa

So I tell one and all out there. When guarding your home, the dangers may come from those you know.


Got to det ready for Tule's weekend visit. Yea!


Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! said...

Awww Freda that picture is priceless where you are begging for help for your little buddy Fluffy. So glad all of your stuffed friends are safe and hope Fluffy's bandage comes off soon. I've been very ill myself so I sympathize with your pals.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Phew that was hard to read. And that picture of the stuffed animal under the tire - I'm going to have nightmares!

Not really, but still I had to look away right away . . .