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05 May 2005


Is anyone else having problems with transferring photos from Hello to Blogger? Any other better alternatives? Thanks.

Update-problem solved for now. Thanks to MB, Cal and Gunnar at Picasa.


MB said...

I have never used Hello; I've always used Flickr. They have a good interface with Blogger and some other blogs.

MB, Touille's personal secretary.

Freda said...

Thanks, MB. I was wondering if it was my secretary. He is on the verge of dismissal. He has received several warnings, but I just can't do the deed. I will check into Flickr.

Touille's name is close to my friend's name, Tule (Like the delta reeds.) Great names.

Just recently found your great blog. Dog, do I have a lot of reading for my typist! I love to lie down and have all my favorite blogs read to me. Maybe I'll keep him a little longer and give him another chance.

Thanks again.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Sometimes Hello will flake out on me and I just have to give up and try again later. Once I had to reinstall it. It only took a few minutes to do that and it seems to have fixed the problem. I've never tried Flikr, but if I have the same prob again with Hello, I might try it. I just like the whole Picasa thing and then sending the image from Picasa right to blogger.

But my paws are bigger now, so my sidekick has to do most of the typing for me. He says he is looking into a new keyboard for me.

editors note: Cal is getting lazy about his blog, seems he heard he is not going to get neutered and used for stud so he's getting a bit of an attitude lately and expects me to type for him. This whole "big paws" excuse is just a scam. I hate having a dog smarter than me :)

Freda said...

Hey Cal, I think your attitude is just fine.

Thanks for your input. I did contact Hello and got a fix but I will check out Flickr when I return. It is nice sending photos directly to my blog but they are published right away. So I have to go in and 'un'publish them so I can edit them. Perhaps my typist is missing something.

I am spade, Cal. I think it is better for a female to be spade then for a male to be neutered. It certainly saves our figure. If you are careful and responsible then a free willie male is okay. Of course, the same goes for an unfettered female. It is only when they run wild and sow all those wild plants that things can get out of paw. Yes, there are too many of us that don't have nice homes, toys, good food and water, but if we are all 'cut' where will puppies come from? Safe, responsible sex is so important. Trying to get that point across to our humans is the hard part.


Editor-like Cal, Freda wants to share all the fun she is having with her humans and expound on the issues of the day, but I am getting less and less sleep. This blog thing has gotten out of control. And we should never given her a camera. Prima donna comes to mind. Her notes are getting sloppy and she expects me to carry her camera everywhere. Does carpal tunnel syndrome sound familiar to you?