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26 April 2005


While we lived in the Denver area I had the opportunity to watch a couple of killdeer chicks grow up. We use to walk by their nest area once in a while. My dad and I would briefly sit and watch the chicks scurry around and then drop to the ground trying to hide from us. They did a pretty good job. Many times I lost sight of them and would then begin to pull Dad towards home. We didn't want to stay too long anyway. This took place in June and July.

Here things are quite different. I remember seeing a baby killdeer last July. Okay, July and July. No problem. Then three weeks ago I saw two baby killdeer. Wait, it's April. But there were the parents running around feigning broken wings trying to draw us away from the chicks. I tried photographing them but they were always hiding in the bark. Perfect camouflage! Two weeks ago I finally saw one on the lawn and got a fair picture of the chick to prove I wasn't imagining things. Now I will be waiting to see if there are more chicks this summer. Double clutching.

The little peeper. Posted by Hello

Standing guard. Posted by Hello

This California place is weird sometimes. Baby killdeer in April and July and hollyhocks that bloom in January. But I sure like it here!

As you may have noticed I am trying to spruce up my blog. There is so much to learn. I continually find neat stuff to put on line but trying to explain to my typist exactly what I want and how it should look is very trying. Some things work and others don't. Then my helper complains that he has other things to do besides type all day and all I do is lie around thinking about changing my blog. Can you believe it? There's pee mail to check, security checks to be made, rawhide chips, Greenies and various foods to taste. Lumps in my bed to adjust, dreams to finish and tummy rubs to solicit. Hmmpf-Arf! He needs to get a life. Hopefully my blog will be evolving over time and looking better. That is, if my typist doesn't quit.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

I hope your typist doesn't quit. Your blog is one of the best! I added a link to your site below the dog blog roll at my site, but it would be great if you could get on the dog blog roll. But you have to ask Sam the All Black German Shepherd how to do it, my human forgot how to do it!!! But he can remember if you want to do that.

Over and out,


Freda said...

Thanks Cal. I think I have registered with Blogroll but it was some time ago. Just haven't gotten my human to do something with it. Will try to get him off his hands and see what's what. Will check with Sam if need be. There is so much out there and it can take a large block of time of get things the way one wants them. Again, thanks.


Freda said...

See Cal. My human posted my Arf before I was done editing. He had to answer the phone, came back and hit the wrong key. Knuckle head!

I wanted to say that your blog is really good. There are things you have done that I would like to do. Every blog I visit has something neat. As 'they' say, can't teach an old typist new tricks. I need to do more reading, translate it for my Dad and then find time to get it done.

Charlie said...

We agree with Cal - your blog is a great read! One of the things we really like are your observations of CA flora and fauna. For example... killdeer!! We've never noticed them here and had no idea they were this far west. As Charlie would say - "Yippeee!"

- Charlie's mom

Freda said...

Thanks, Charlie's Mom. My human spent a lot of time working in a zoo and likes to watch animals in their true environment. I guess some of that rubs off on me when he gives me tummy rubs. I think it's called osmosis or something. We use to live in Colorado and things are so much different here on the left coast. The plants and animals are doing something all the time.


Splash said...

My mom and I are not naturalists, unless you can count staying in hotels as being close to nature. hey sometimes there are birds near hotels).

Actually I do not even like hotels. Elevators are just freaky. Home is best.

Freda said...

I agree with you about those up and down things. I freaked out in one in Salt Lake City on the way out here.