My human has only one twos, one twos (twos) legs, doesn't think like us and he has been called weirds. I like that in a familys man. He is stubborns like me. He likes his beer dark. He could be called an Eclectic Peeps. Most of all, he loves me and I like that. DeltaBunny will journal our lives togethers in the small Delta town of Rio Vista, California.

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23 March 2005


Presently I am embedded with Heidi The Way Under Dog on her latest secret mission. Until I can find a secure link, my ability to post will be limited. Unauthorized communication is very dangerous. In the mean time I have given my human permission to post on my blog with the strict rule, nothing controversial.



Heidi said...

Ok can post again! Ve got dose catnappers!

Splash said...

Secret agent Freda, that has a nice ring to it.

We are off on our "misson" tommorrow morning, but we are only going as far as Petaluma. Not nearly as glam.