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07 March 2005

ARTIST?(Don't make me laugh)/LAWN MOWING DOG

My human has been driving me crazy with his attempts at watercolors. As you can see I just lie around listening to music and his rantings. ALL WEEKEND this goes on!

Ah, Sunshine Superman, and the Blue Men? Posted by Hello

He has an assignment to produce a 'real' painting for next week's class. Well, he hasn't produced the masterpiece yet, but with all the water and pigment flying around as well as those blue words(Guess that is why he likes some of the Blues?), he could have painted a nice Turner or Homer by now.

On one of our walks I sat and watched the goats in the field next to Watson Hollow. They were eating the grass.

Zee goats. Where's zee cheese?Posted by Hello

So I got home and thought I might emulate those goats.

Grazin' in the Grass is a... Posted by Hello

Well, I did and got sick, but it was so good I tried it again several days later and it cleaned me out. So now I make like a goat once in a while. Can't always keep it down but it sure helps to keep the lawn looking nice.

My guru has advised me that it is bad karma to end my postings with a number, particularly with the numbers I was using. So no more numerals. That makes my typist very happy. He got tired counting all those days every time we posted. I told him all he had to do was count back from the last posting but he insisted on starting with zero. And he wants to paint! Yea, by the numbers!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

I like to chew on that tall thick blade grass when I'm thirsty. I don't know why, but it helps. I've never seen a goat before, what did they smell like? Anything like meese? Or more like a cat?

Just wondering,

Freda said...

Goats kinda smell like a good(?) pungent cheese. I thought they made cheese from their milk, but I guess it's their hide. Italians talk of a cheese that smells like angels' feet. (Does it depend on how long ago they washed their feet?)
Some days I can smell those goats several blocks away, but I think that is the wind palying mind games with me.

Freda said...

That's PLAYING. My typist hit the wrong key, again.

Heidi said...

I love to eat da grass! My marie and vilhelm are both artists and dey can tell you dat watercolor painting is da hardest. Still trying to get marie to show some of her vork on my blog but she saids enough vith da art for now. Ve still have snow here. it's beginning to look alot like Christmas all over again.

Ve did visit our cabin......I love da cabin cause i can run around in da voods and dig and dig and dig and nobody yells at me. It's still got alot of snow so ve von't open it for a few more veeks.