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15 February 2005


Yesterday was “Big Red Heart Day”, or as my buddy calls it, “Even More Chocolate Day”. Hope everyone received the expected toys or chocolates treats (Yea, I know, but we can dream can't we?). No one forgot, did they?

I spent the day D.A.P.ped out while the 'alpha' was in two painting classes and Mom was in Palermo giving a workshop. With a short dinner stop at home, she was off again. This time to Watsonville for another workshop today. Time for a Big Red Heart Day hug and that was all. Humans can be so busy, even if they are suppose to be retired. They will more than make up for the missed celebration, “...wink, wink, nudge nudge...” Thanks to This Is A War-LAUGHTER.

Then last night my buddy and I spent some time learning more about blogging. There is so much out there. So many neat add-ons and so little time. Now he thinks he wants to post a blog or two on his own. I told him to slow down. Let's get this one right first. There is so much more to do with mine. If he wants to go out on his own, okay, but he better not expect me to help him out of any jams. (I'm still learning.) And I know there will be some many problems for him down the road.

Today he cleaned the floors and vacuumed. That's what is on the schedule for Tuesdays. He also watered the house plants. Then he began a 'value' sketch for a complementary color painting for one of his classes. A few emails, some blog research, several walkies, some wine and a ride in the golf cart and here we are. More drawing, more wine, some art reading and waiting for mom to get home. For some reason my golf cart photo cannot be sent to my blog today or it is stuck out in the ether and will come home to roost after I've gone to bed. Will try again tomorrow.


Splash said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Splash said...


Maybe if you ask politely, you could take a turn at painting? If elephants and chimps can paint, why not dogs?

Splash said...

Boy one typo and I just wanted to fix it but you can't delete anything, not really. Can't edit either. Darn these paws!

Freda said...

Great suggestion Splash. We have talked it over and my human will help me get started once his workshop is over and his class projects allow him enough time. Sounds like the typical human response, "When I have time". I am going to pester him until I get my lessons scheduled! I think he will change his tune when MY paintings start out selling his. ARF!

I, too, agree that one should be able to login and edit one's own comment. I've had to remove comments also. It would make things easier and make us look more professional. A comment spellchecker would be nice, too.