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21 January 2005


This morning on our walk to Watson Hallow we twice had a clear view of an otter crawling through the dead grass overhanging the pond. That was most likely what we saw last week. It was the size of the animal that mystified us when we first observed it. Now we think it was only the otter's wet tail that we saw.

Over the past week we have again seen a belted kingfisher and a pair of great blue herons. Of course the great egret - (Wikipedia) is usually nearby.

Great egret looking for lunch at Watson Hollow Posted by Hello

We also saw a
snowy egret - (Wikipedia) for the first time. Only during the heavy rains and very high water have we not seen our feathered friends.

Recently it has been so wet (rain, fog, very high humidity 98-100%) that numerous red-tailed hawks have been seen perched on the metal fence posts along the road. Guess the mice and voles are safe on rainy days.

The vernal pools on the way to Fairfield are very full. No wading birds there yet. Apparently we have had as much rain the past four weeks as we had all of last year.

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