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06 June 2007


Give us Peace. Hmmm... Firsts, we need to get some smart humans
where it counts. (1,2 1,2...) That would help. We've got the smart dogs
and, I guess, c-a-t-s. We've reeeallys got to work on the humans part.
(Or is that... human parts.) I think I do my parts.... I pee on bushes
and stuffs.

Whew! The Forest Dogs, Jazz and Sparkys, barked about Mimi and her neato DONA NOBIS PACEM thingy and I thought it was cooools. Dad finallys returned homes and I licked and licked him 'til he got this done. He missed several meals, hee, hee... I had to teach him a littles about Photoshop. I thought he had C-a-t Brain or somethin'! He has a reeeallys big reader about PS, but he forgots all about it. Dummys!!

I hope we alls think about the earth and the environments and the world and peace. It reeeallys is all connected.

This DONA NOBIS PACEM comes at a very interestin' times. My humans have just received their first issue of a reeeallys cooools reader, the Ode Magazine, for intelligent optimists. (Since when does my secretary think he's intelligents. Arf! Arf! Give me a breaks!)

Ode quotes Mahatma Gandhi, 'LIVE AS IF YOU WERE TO DIE TOMORROW, LEARN AS IF YOU WERE TO LIVE FOREVER.' That's cooools, too!

Everything's connected. All you needs is Wuufs!



Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Freda...
That's a great post. You are so very smart!

Peace to you! Lots of Licks,

Charlie said...

Yeah, great post! Dona nobis pacem!! Even to voles. And cats.
- Charlie

L^2 said...

Dona Nobis Pacem, Freda!

Love and lots of licks,
- Willow & Stella

Freda said...

Hey you gals and guy,

You're sooo fasts in sniffin' out new barks! My secretary's tryin' to go to beds and I'm lickin' him to keep him awakes.

Thanks Rubys. It's certainly easys to be smarter than my dad. Arf! Arf!

I guess I better rethinks the vole and c-a-t thing, hey Charlie?

Yes, Stella and Willows. We need lots of Peace.



Simba and Jazzi said...

Smart humans, hmmm, don't know where you'll find any of them.

Simba xxx

Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

Dad said that there use to be a smart human way up on a mountains. But he thinks he became extinct due to globals warmin'. Too bad. Could have used him now.



Lizzy said...

I'd never heard that quote before, 'LIVE AS IF YOU WERE TO DIE TOMORROW, LEARN AS IF YOU WERE TO LIVE FOREVER.' I really like it! :)


Freda said...

Pretty cooools isn't it, Sparkys.
My dad has a lots of learnin' to catch up on. Arf! Arf!



Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Cool peace stuff Freda--you're right--wuufs can make the world go 'round. Maybe that's all these stupid humans needs sometimes--to remember the wuufs.

Maybe we could all have a bark for peace.

See ya

Freda said...

Hi Pips!

Glad to have you backs.

Ya, BARKS FOR PEACE!!! Just don't wake the hoods. No peace in that.

Wuufs! PEACE! :-)


P.S. We need smileys here. Are they outs there?

Anonymous said...

You mean I even have to love squirrels in my yard too?? Hmmmff, that could be x-x-xtra hard!


Khady Lynn said...

Great post Freda! I sure wish all these stupid humans would just learn to get along and sniff each other happily, like we do. There is nothing wrong with different breeds and beliefs, the humans just have to learn to accept it and move on to playing!


Freda said...

Sorrys Orson, but I think that's how it works. I've got the think abouts those voles, too.

Hey Holly. We've got to change, but my dad says he's gonna have a hards time with those humans in the big white house. He'll try but he thinks it might take about 1,2 1,2 18 months. He's sorrys but it can't be helped.



Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Does that mean I'll have to be nice to my vet? Well, if it's for the greater good, I suppose I can give it a try. J x

Freda said...

Hey Jacksons,

Our vets may pokes us, stab us, probes us, stitch us and clip us and other stuffs but other than that they're a pretty goods lot. I guess. They just need a lot of understandin's.



PerfectTosca said...

Humans can't help themselves. They really aren't very bright. Especially if they get elected. Then they get really stupid. Humans just can't handle power like us dogs can.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh.. I hope you find some smart humans soon Freda.

~ girl girl

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hey freda

Cool thoughts

Are you really sure this includes cats??

Master and mistress are very peaceful though and don't understand why 1,2 1,2 all other peoples aren't.

Eso va la vida.


Freda said...

Hey Perfectos,

Ya, like when they move into big white houses?

Hi GG,

I better starts lookin' soons. I need some mores. My mum is smarts but I sure have troubles with my secretary. He is always wanderin' off somewheres in the big ether and I've got to chase him down.

Yes, Pippas, I'm afraids it includes c-a-t-s. I have to put ups with voles, too. It's gonna take a longs time to get used to the new order, but it's the rights thing to do. Dog could I go for some CHEEEESE right now!



Mimi Lenox said...

Welcome to the lovely land of the Peace Globes - even in you do pee on bushes. (grin)

Freda said...

Hi Mimis,

I'm glads to be in the land of Peace Globes. I have begun to change my thinkin' alreadys.

Thanks for the 'kick' to get me started.

I've got to get my Peace Globe on my blog. It's cooools to see it with all the rest.