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09 November 2008


For years I have herded my peeps intos the fallin' waters room. I have risked nose and limbs makin' sures that all was safes for my precious mum and stupids ∆≈. As I tested the waters, I always wondered where all that waters came from.

Whiles I was in Colorados this summers, I made an amazin' discoverys. I found the source of the FALLIN' WATERS!

Unfortunatelys it was stopped when I was there.

Here is a scenes of my hard works:

Am I a Portuguese Waters Dog?

It's a toughs job, but some pup's gots to do it.



Sparky said...


Oh my dogness, you actually found out where the falling waters come from? That is pawesome! Now my curiosity is satisfied as well. Good job my friend!


Freda said...

Thanks Sparkys. Likes your new spys camera.

Wuufs! Ƨ

Arabella said...

Wow Freda,

All that water comes from a street in Colorado, that's neat! I really like Colorado so their water must be pretty cool.


Simba said...

Dropping by all the blogs to say hello. Hope you had a good weekend.

Simba x

Pippa said...

Aw Freda that is such a good vid of you in the falling waters room. Love it.

I don't do that of course. In, check what's going on, and out again.


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

It is good to see you Freda!! We think you are a very happy water dog! Look at that happy tail. Good job on locating the fallin waters. Who knew?
Hugs & Hi 5s

Johann The Dog said...

Ancient mysteries are finally revealed! I'm so glad you did it Freda! Nice work, you're kinda like an Indiana Jonsie.

Woofs, Johann