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24 June 2008


Just a quicks bark...

I had to reads another movin' pictures to my peeps this darks,
'The Best of Youths' (2003) and I'm soo tireds. Isn't there a laws about dog labors?

There are overs 1,2 1,2 800 fires burnin' in our state and there is lots of smokes in the airs. This early lights, I took 1,2 1,2 two photos with my spys camera to show you...

Stupids ∆≈ slept lates and missed the cooools sunrise.

On my early lights ride, this is what I smelled... 

(Scratch and sniffs. Arf Arfs!)

Splash is smellin' the same smokes.

Then our neatos sis-in-law sent us a warnin' about those crazy raisins and grapes... 
Raisins and Grapes Harmfuls to Dogs. It's been around befores but it doesn't hurts to be reminded agains. (∆≈ doesn't have a minds so he needs lots of helps.) So I'm warnin's every dogs and peeps if you smells smokes, don't breaths it and if you sniff grapes or raisins, just barks NO!

Be safes! 



Charlie said...

Wow, Freda! A friend in Sacto told us about those fires and all the smoke, but yours are the first pictures we've seen. Stay safe!
- Charlie

Arabella said...

The smoke makes good pictures but I'm sure it's not good for much else.

Joe Stains said...

We just got a fire started here by us in the desert! Lightning hit a tree and now we have a big brush fire actually IN phoenix! scary!

We hope all the fires go out soon even if they do make for nice pictures.

Freda said...

Hey Charlies,

Thanks. We'll be safes. Your Hippy Dippys WeatherDog evers on the job.



Freda said...

Whoa Arabellas!

Smokes makes meat taste reeeallys good! Guess that's why ∆≈ is hangin' all our bison and stuffs out the windows. Arf Arfs!



Freda said...


As Charlies barked, 'Stay safes'. That is skardys. Those lightnin's are bad thingys. Where's Ben and his kite when we needs him?



Simba said...

I'm back at last, so much to catch up on.

Simba xx

Jackson said...

Hey Freda, it's been a while, hope you're doing OK. J x

Splash said...

Mom caught me trying out the grapes growing in the yard. I got yelled at!

PS this window looks awful in Firefox. can only see first few words of each sentence, so apologized if there is bad spelling. Can't tell!

Freda said...

Hi Simbas,

Glads you're back and glads I'm backs, I hope. We both have lots of ketchupin' to do.

Hey Jacksons,

It's been way too longs. ∆≈ is doin' more arts stuffs and lookin' at those stupids movin' pictures. Especiallys those that I have to reads to him, the BIG DUMMYS!

Hey Splash,

Did you tells her you were just makin' some wines for her? Wonders if meats in wine sauce is okays?

I didn't see anys spellin' that was naughtys. The new FireFox isn't as neatos as the olds fox. Dad is usin' Safaris more and mores. Each has its goodies and badies.