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24 January 2008


Several months agos my stupids secretary heard abouts Twitter: What are you doing? and checked it outs. What he founds was good and addictive. And I thinks so too. (I've founds out that ∆≈ thinks in tweets. He said he had an ajiffany 1,2 1,2 one dark. He's a tweet brains. And I concurs.) At firsts he used Twitter's web site to 'tweets'. Then he noticed that somes of his friends (That's an arfs! He has no friends.) were usin' other twitter clients. Wells, there are quite a fews out there. We have tried severals and since I've been asked to suggests a Twitter client I thoughts I'd bite ∆≈'s butts and bark a very littles about those we've tried. I use Snitter and ∆≈ uses twhirl and just this light downloaded Spaz to try it outs.

(We use an iMacs magic typer and both Safaris and Firesfox browsers.)

I barks at Snitter and likes it. It is cross-platforms so works on PCs and Macs. It is evens simple enough for ∆≈ and is somewhats customizables.

Dad started usin' twhirl several lights ago. He can have all three of his twitter places on the magic typer at the sames time. They fades into the backgrounds when not bein' used. That's cooools. And when you bark directlys to someone the receiver's photo attaches to the sender's photo. Then he can see all of his directs messages with his funnys face. Neatos. twhirl is mores customizable. It is alsos for PCs and Macs.

Just this light the BIG DUMMYS has downloaded anothers application, Spaz. It is cross-platforms too, includin' Linux. It is award winnin'. You can makes italics and bolds. Groovys! So this lights he will be checkin' outs all the extra stuffs it has.

The aboves clients have large typin' areas so you can see more of your barks. All 1,2 1,2 three apps need AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) : What is AIR?) to be downloaded (No problems) to works. I thinks that's what make them betters. If you have severals Twitter accounts, like BIG DUMMYS, and use the Adobe AIR 1,2 1,2 ones be sures to check your refresh intervals.

Tweetin' fools...

Others apps we've tried are:

TwitBin (Multi-platform/Firefox):
Noticed, as others, that haves to re-enters user stuffs if you don't keeps it opens in the sidebars. Little typin' window.

TwitterPost (Apples):
Large window but not fancy enoughs, if that's importants. Small window for publics/friends tweets.

TwitterPod (Apples):
Smalls window. Has large side window for stuffs. Looked kinda nice.

Twitterrific (Apples):
Most populars (Cuz peeps haven't tried others?) Littles window.

TwitterFox. (Multi-platforms?? Firefox):
Think it has little window. But had troubles with it and had to Trash it AND reloads Firesfox browser. A pains.

The BIG DUMMYS and I have founds that Snitter, twhirl and Spaz will be our Twitter clients for nows. (Until STUPID BUTTS finds another 1,2 1,2 ones to play with.)

What's nice is that you can trys them out and pick the bests for yourself and removes the others.

There are other stuffs we've sounds that we use and may be funs for you too.

TwitThis If you see, hears or reads somethin' cooools, you can send it rights to Twitters with this.

Twitter Groups!: If you want to barks directlys to a groups of friends that same bark. Goods for workin' peeps.

Hopes this helps anydog or peeps who wants to enter the Twitters Zone in a galaxy fars, fars away. (Not everythin' maybe up to dates, but we tried hards.)

I tweet at Twitter / DeltaBunny. Check out the sidesbar for my latest tweets.



Simba said...

I'm going to have lie down in a dark room after all that.

Simba xx

Maggie & Mitch said...

Simba is right! All this puter talk makes our heads twirl!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Well as you know Freda, mistress joined Twitter 1,2 1,2 can't remember how many days ago.

And is too busy writing 1,2 1,2 sixty million blog sites.

I despair of her.

1,2 1,2 one day. Maybe.

She will read this and remember this and then do nothing with it.


PS That foggy pic was just so brill.

Sophie Brador said...

Freda, Thanks for all the info!!! I'm so excited about trying twhirl that I bet mom will reinvigorate her twitter profile.


Joe Stains said...

We didnt even know there were clients available, we just downloaded twhirl!

Holly said...

I like the look of your blog! Very cools!

Your twitter is very cool too!


Hammer said...

Hi Freda
Just checked my mate, Charlie's blog in Oregon, and you're having trouble with your blog. Hope it's sorted now. As for Twitter, I think this is best left in the galaxy fars away. We have enuf probs dealing with Blogger in this galaxy.
Love from Hammer

Momo & Pinot said...

Hello Freda!!
We'll ask our mom to try Twitter!! Thanks for your info.

Momo & Pinot

Ume said...

dats 1,2,1,2 lotsa twitter applications.

Pee.S: luv dat wallpaper on your mac!

FleasGang said...

no wonder your dad's always busy!

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh my, Jeannie has just read this and gone running to lie down in her darkened room again Freda!

Its all too much for her little brain I am afraid.

love and twittery licks, Marvin xxxxx

Johann The Dog said...

Freda - you know how we feel about Twitter, couldn't bark without it! Thanks for posting about all the clients. Our snitter is acting up today so we started twhirlin'. Twitter ya later!

Woofs, Johann

Freda said...

Glads I could helps some dogs and peeps with twitters and others with nappin'.

∆≈ is always findin' stuffs to play with in the big ethers. I hope he stops soons. I needs to barks more. I hopes he doesn't start arts again cuz that will takes even more of his times. I needs several more secretaries.

Thanks for the barks about my blog's new looks. Still got a lots of works to go.