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18 November 2007


About 1,2 1,2 30 km norths of us is a Campbell's tomato squishin' plant. When my peeps drive to the flyin' box place they pass it. This Septembers it was reeeallys busy.

Soups Supply and Tomato Trucks

The Delta grows lots and lots of tomatoes...

Tomato Fields Forevers

Some of those tomatoes don't makes it to the plant...

Roadside Fruits Stand

Tomato Shower

Dad thought that it was cooools to see where tomatoes are grown, how they are moved arounds and then made into soups. Well, now the coooolness has cooooled downs.

The others light Mum was warmin' ups some good ol' Campbell's Tomato Soups. She was readin' the labels and wondered why it had so many calories. Then she reads about the stuffs inside...
What the ....??!!?! and she poured it right outs.

How dares Campbell do that. There is ONLYS 1,2 1,2 ONE REASON TO ADDS HFCS AND THAT'S MONIES. It certainlys isn't for our peeps' health. Campbell's M m m goods has becomes M m m bads in our homes.

The Goods..., the Bads....

And the Uglies

So now my peeps eats diced tomatoes for their tomatoes soup.

So if you wants to save your peeps and you see them eatin' some good ol' Campbell's Tomato Soups jump on thems and spill it all overs. They'll thanks you for it.

How dares Campbell. How dares Campbell.


P.S. I barked Dad, "Enoughs alreadys with the musics!" So he turned it offs.


Sophie Brador said...

Freda, Thanks for letting us know about those sugars in the soup. Geez. That's not cool. Thanks too for posting those super interesting tomatoe smashing plant pictures. That one photo of all the tomatoes on the side of the road was even more interesting. Are they the ones that made a run for it?


Freda said...

Hey Sophies,

HFCS may cause soo manys problems. It's up to each peep to decides what they eats. Knowin' thats, I wonders what my peeps are decidin' what I will eats. Hmm.. I just hopes they decides I get sourbratens for T-bird din-din.

Yeah, you can hears those tomatoes yellin' "Roll aways, roll aways!!" Arf Arfs!



Holly said...

Ooohh, my mom loves the tomatos soup! I doubt she will give it up unless she can find a suitable substitute that she can heat up in the microwave at work. Bummers about the fructose!


Freda said...

Hey Hollys,

Too bads you can't go to works with her and save her. Maybes some day the food makers will helps the peeps and make alls their foods healthys. Dad barks, 'Don't holds your air.'

Hopes your mum finds some good food soons.



Simba said...

My Mummy only seems to eat Chocolate, I thought all humans lived on chocolate.

Simba xx

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Mistress says tomato soups is as easy to make as opening a tin. Especially gazpacho. Whizz in blender and heat up. Need to look after your healths.
We so want you (or Ao4) to win best blog - but we think you are a brilly blog anyway so we have given you the BeTheBlog award.


Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

∆≈ would lives on choco, pretzels, and tea or Vietnamese coffees if possibles.

He barks, 'GO CHOCOS!'.



Murphey said...

That is in so many things! And every time the lady sees it listed she gets mad too!


Freda said...

Thanks very much, Pippas and Kats. I'm hono(u)red. I'll be by to pick it ups.

Can your mum come heres and cook for us?



Freda said...

Hey Murphs,

Yeah! Cargill and ADM are gettin' rich and givin' our peeps bad healths. It's all for the monies. It's gonna comes around and bites the peeps, goods and bads, in the butts. Too Bads.



Charlie said...

When we lived in the South Bay, I used to love driving to Sacramento during tomato season -- that curve where 205 joins I5 was just heavy with tomato roadkill. Always wanted to stop and forage the "found" food ;)

You're so right about that HFCS! And don't forget the sodium, too -- it's like diabetes and high blood sugar all in one can! Too bad it's so tasty...

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Thanks for the info Freda! We only eat Jeannie's home made soup, but she dont make tomato, we eat Heinz tomato, I will have to get her to check the ingredients of that now!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

Freda said...

Hey Charlies,

We sure could have had funs chasin' those renegade toms! We've got to keeps our peeps safes.

Hi Braves,

Yeah, be sures to have your peeps sniffs their foods in the market. We could be eatin' some of that bad stuffs too.



Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hey, dB! Campbell's is bad not just for the fructos but the MSG also. It's in every one of their soups!

Freda said...

Hey Newfs of Hazards,

Thanks for the heads ups on the MSGs. Had heards that food peeps don't have to puts any ingredient on the label that is less thans 1,2 1,2 2% of the total. You're rights about that MSG stuffs.