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04 October 2007


Several days agos our sis-in-law told us that her cooools canine friend, Goblin, passed aways during the darks. It was, and still is, very hards for her. They were familys for a long, long times. Just several months ago her son's dog, Jackie, passed away. So a doubles whammy for the family. Neither Gobs nor Jackies had a barkin' place. I just wanted to let you knows that some of my family buddies crossed the Rainbows Bridge.

Boss Man in the Big Easys...

Goblins was borns in Denver a long times ago, spent 1,2 1,2 two years in New Orleans (Luckilys he was in Texas durin' Katrinas) and then on to Pennsylvanias last year.

He knew how to treats his mistress.

Unfortunately, I couldn't finds a photos of Jackies. She lived in Austin where she was kinda abandoned. Her soon-to-be peeps adopted her and loved her and stuffs. After a whiles they moved to Chi-Town so her mum could got to law schools. Jackies lived very near Wrigley Fields. Hope she got to chews on some homers.

Feelin' very lonelys, Jackie's peeps adopted Macy. Yeahs!

Pretty Macys...

Macy is a reeeals chewer. That should keep the family on their toes.

Sad and glad stories always make me crys.



Simba said...

Sad and glad stories always leave me a bit teary eyed too. I love a happy ending though.

Simba x

Turbo the Sibe said...

Sorry about Goblin & Jackie. But most excellent news about Macy. Especially the chewing part!

FleasGang said...

Goblin, what a great name. It fit him perfectly. So he was from Denvorleanania?

Seems to be a lot of fury faces runnin' free on the other side lately :-( Maybe it just seems that way cause we have so many talkin' doggie friends now.

And here's to Macy making her family happy again :-)

The Fleas

Charlie said...

Condolences on losing some of your family buddies, Freda. That makes us sad, too! But that's a nice happy ending.

Sparky said...

Oh dear, losing a dog makes me so very sad. I'm very sorry to hear about this! But I'm glad Macy is here now!


Holly said...

It is always so very sad when a doggie goes to the bridge. The humans eyes leak a lot. I will send Malahugs to them.


Sophie Brador said...

Freda, Macy looks like a real sweetie. It's always nice when a sad story can have a nice smile at the end.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

It's always soooo sad when doggies die. Even worse when another dies not long after. Mistress does 1,2 1,2 so-many-that-I-can't-count the number of falling drips out of her eyes.

Macy looks very cute. What a darling. Hope they have 1,2 1,2 lots of happinesses togethers.


Jackson said...

Sorry for your loss Freda. J x

Hammer said...

Hi Freda
Sorry you have lost your good friends. Even though they are safe in Heaven, it is still very, very hard cos we miss them so much.
Love from Hammer

Freda said...

Thanks Everydogs for your licks and barks! Goblin's mum is feelin' betters. She is visitin' her little peeps and they all haves dogs. Hmmm... Who knows...