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12 July 2007


I am in the midst of a little redecoratin' fit. Why? Cuz I'm females and I can. While I instructs my secretary in the fine arts of decoratin stuffs, I have added “Freda's Weekly Puzzler” to the side bars in hopes of keepin' my buddies entertained.

Have funs and good lucks!



Holly said...

Ok, that was a LOT of fun! I like putting that puzzle together!

And good for you for redecorating. My humans have been doing that at my house too!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Master is a decorator.

He trained as one 1,2 1,2 many years ago.

I think that's why he's not too keen on it now. But he did a good job on my GibKennelFlat.



Sophie Brador said...

Love the puzzle Freda! Hope the redecorating goes well.

Charlie said...

Hi Freda,

I hope the redecoratin goes your ways. I was going to try your puzzle, but I decided I would just look at it all beautiful how it is, rather than jumbles it all ups:-)

Luv C$

P.S. I hope your feelin better, I was sending lots of warm fuzzy loving thoughts your ways

P.S.S. I also gave you my cool award today. I put it on my blog if you have time to look

Ivy said...

that puzzling game is reelly fun! thanks for sharin with us!

Ivy said...

it took me 7:19 to put it together. is that fast or slow?

Freda said...

Dog, Buddies!

I didn't know redecoratin' would be so interestin'. Guess all those magic box programs like “Tradin' Treats” and “This Old Peep” and “What's That Stuffs in Your Attic?” got peeps thinkin' and stuffs.

Glad you like the puzzler.

Ivys, my sec. is askardy of tearin'my photos apart. He may not get it back togethers. Can you believes that! I think he doesn't want to be shown ups by my faster buddies. 7:19 sounds pretty fasts to me. I guess everydog can post their times and their peeps times to see the range of times. All I can barks is, there can be distractions, like TREAT TIMES , walkies, CHEESE!! and such, so that has to be taken into considerations.

C$, I'm tryin' to help my sec. with the badge thing . Hope to get yours and Holly's goin' soons. Thanks and Muahs.



Turbo the Sibe said...

Freda, I reached a milestone today. Drop by my blog today to receive your award and thanks for your inspiration.

I know C$ gave you the same award, but you deserve it from me, too.

Jackson said...

Love the puzzler! J x