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19 July 2007


I have tried and tried to keep my peeps safe from those meany cobs, but they continues to go to the market and buy mores. And after Harry's cob adventures... Guess they'll nevers learn.

Come on outs! Mum gonna husk you.

Maybe it's cuz Dad's a (Corn)Huskers fan. I don't knows but it's drivin' me crazys.

He loves Cobb Salad, but I don't think they put cobs in it. It drives Dad crazys (Ah, ha!) when he orders a Cobb salad and it comes to the tables all mixed up or with the wrong stuffs in it. He says, “If they offer a Cobb Salad, they should know how to prepares it and presents it.” What does he knows. Dummys cob head.



Jackson said...

Never heard of Cobb Salad, but after checking your handy link to the recipe, it sounds tasty! J x

Holly said...

OMG, not another obsessive HUSKER fan!!!! This state is FILLED with them, they're like flies, they're everywhere!!!!

The cobb salad recipe sounds good though. Maybe we can cook up the husker fans?


Freda said...

Hey Jacksons,

Ya, the Cobb's got chickens, bacons and CHEESE!. Can't much betters than that.


They even have Husker clubs out here. But we knows that cuz we see their big banners at all the games. Cooools! “But now we have to wins”, says Dad, Typicals, isn't it. The big cob(b) heads!



Sparky said...

I don't think I've ever tried cob salad before... Is it really good? I want some!


FleasGang said...

We would eat either. The Cobb salad or just plain ol' Corn Cobs. Dad said he'd prefer the salad :-)

The FleasGang

HHHHarry said...

fleesgang, please please don't try to eat the whole cobs, I had a very bad time cos of one of those horrid things, Freda has very kindly linked to Pippadogblog where he tells what happened, please read it 1st before you even look at another cob

Turbo the Sibe said...

Your secretary brought home corns 'cause he is a cornboy...I sure hope my Human doesn't bring home any tigers!

Freda said...

Hey Fleas and Harrys,

Ppls and dogs should eat only Cobbs, not cobs. Hmm... I'm gettin' hungerys.

Tigger Tubeys,

Corns is easier to cook than tigers and the butter stays on longer. Arf! Arf!