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22 May 2007


If you want to track our wayward whales go to - Health Of Zigzagging Whales Concerns Scientists and click on ' Track the Whales'. It's pretty cooools!.

My humans have been watchin' the whales the past several days. Today and yesterday some REEEALLYS STUPID humans allowed some
REEEALLYS STUPID behavior by some other REEEALLYS STUPID humans.

Here is a copys of an email my Dad sent to some humans this dark:

We just got back from another several hours of whale watching. Got to see some lob tailing. (Slapping of the tail on the surface.)

Lob tailin'...

They are now saying that the whales' health is starting to deteriorate.

Today the whales were moving slowly down river towards the bridge until a barge and tug came through the bridge and right through the area where the whales were located!

Stupids tugger...

The tug was moving materials for levee repair. I know that the levees must be fixed BUT..... Somebody is a REAL IDIOT!!!
The tug was allowed to move several barges up and down the river and across the river in the area of the whales. WE COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

Yesterday morning, as the whales neared the bridge, they raised the bridge to allow several large boats in the whale flotilla through.

Open reeeallys wides...

Through the gaps...

This also stopped traffic and all the rumbling sounds the traffic makes. In the mean time, the whales swam under the bridge.

Almost there...

Then less than ten minutes later, they lowered the bridge and the traffic and all its noise began again. That did something to the whales and they went back under the bridge. Someone in CalTrans should be fired for that dumb move.

And last evening they allowed a 600+ foot freighter to cruise right through the whales.

Here comes the dumbs big floatin' box...

Mums and the dumbs big floatin' box...

Mums and the dumbs big floatin' box, too...

Excuse me, but what the HELL! Those whales could have been WAY down river by now. I think some of those EXPERTS in the flotilla are IDIOTS!!

As you can tells, my secretary is just a little upsets. Mum said that Dads began speakin' French on the bridge.

French Dads...

Maybe he thought he was on the Eiffel Towers again. Arf! Arf!

Let's hopes all the
REEEALLYS STUPID humans stay home tomorrows!!!

I need some French lessons!! I'm reeeallys mads, too!!!



Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Freda, after you learn french, can you teach me some too?

~ Girl girl

Simba said...

Poor whales, I hope they are ok. If I could speak French right now I would.

Simba xxx

Turbo the Sibe said...

There are stupid humans everywhere being stupid! I think I'll come out there and yell at them!

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Freda, I could teach you how to swear really, really bad in French.
I feel very, very sad for those whales. Tabernacle!

Holly said...

Humans are truly the stupidest animal on this planet! Some of them have NO compassion what-so-ever!

I have some really good swear words, but they are all english, so won't share here!


Dory and Liza said...

Freda -

I asked my humans if we could come out in our boat and help the whales - but mom said it is just too far away.

Thanks for the link - we have been following this story for awhile now.


Jackson said...

Humans can be REALLY stupid, can't they? J x

PerfectTosca said...

I can say French Fries! Love em.

Hope the whales are doing ok. They sure are big fellas. I would poop on the spot if I got near one of them.

Sweets-littlebigman said...

What the heck is wrong with people? Sometimes I just don't understand. Poor whales. I hope they are going to be okay!


Freda said...

Everys dog and hamsterrier,

Those whales are sooo smarts. They are finally on their way homes, even after the dummys humans did lots of dumb stuff to get them out of the hood.

Just like Mary's little lambs, leave them alone and they'll go homes waggin' their tails behind thems.

I bet Delta and Dawns got headaches with all that pipes bangin'!

Glad their on their ways.