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31 May 2007


Firsts... My secretary is very sad. His uncle passed aways this mornin'. So he is gonna go far away soon for a whiles and be with his family.

My good buddy, Ivys, has tagged me. Now I have to thinks reeeallys hard to figger outs 1,2 1,2 sevens things about what makes me tick. I can't do a verys good job right now, but I'll try...

I dreams of Charles... Ahhhhh!

I like to taste the shower waters before my humans enter the water box...

I am an experienced whale looker...

I like to Twitters...

My favorites fizzycal activity is tossin' voles... (They reeeallys like to play!)

I am a clean carpets tester... (It's soo nice and soft afters Mum cleans it.)

I practice my forlorn wolf howls whenevers Mum is leavin'... (Maybe she'll take pitys and not leave.)

I like helpin' Mum unpacks her purse and clothes box... (Lookin' for treat monies.)

And I loves cruzin' in my greens, leans, means golf cart... (I help to keep the street clean by draggin' my tails all over the place.)

That's 1,2 1,2 nine but I lost counts. I'm sads, too.

And I'm gonna tag GÜNTERS and Rangers, the lab, cuz I haven't heard them bark for a whiles.



Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hello Freda
Sorry to hear you've had sad news.
I got mistress to add you as a linky blog pal thingy last night.
She wants me to ask you a question. When she was reading some of your old posts she found the link to Clusty and she thinks it is sooo cool that you don't get one two one two (20,000) irrelevant stuffs. So she wants to mention it on my blog and hers.
Is that ok with you (and to say it came from your blog, natch, 'cos you have a very savvy secretary.
Pippa - oof, that was a long comment - yawn

Simba said...

Sorry you have sad news. Hugs to you and your Mummy.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Sorry to hear you're sad. Sending my love.

Vole tossing sounds like excellent fun! I wonder if it would work with squirrels, hmmm.

Oscar x

Ivy said...

oh! poor freda-secretary! that is so sad.

thanks for sharin' cool stuff about your dogself! i thot vole-tossing wuz the coolest and my peepol thot whale-lookin' wuz neater.

Jackson said...

Hey Freda, sorry to hear about your sad news. Hope your owners are OK.

Certainly learned some interesting facts about you. Vole-tossing? Sounds like fun! J x

FleasGang said...

Our thoughts are with your secretary, Freda. You're gonna have to try and cheer him up.

Butt sniff,
The FleasGang

P.S. We hate that the whaley died too.

Holly said...

Oh Freda, I am so sorry to hear of your humans uncle. Please pass along some furry hugs and licks to your secretary for me.

Thanks for sharing your facts. I just love learning new things about all my doggie friends!


Turbo the Sibe said...

I'm sorry to read of the loss of your secretary's uncle. We will be wooing for him here.

Bogart said...

Sorry for the sad news...

Thanks for letting me know that I'm the new DWB pup of the month!

Love, Bogart

Charlie said...

Im sorry that you had some bad news - give your human a big lick for me ok!

Luv your Chuckles

(Grr Baby! Very Grr ;-)

Tasha & Eva said...

Sorry to hear the sad news about your secratary's uncle. Give him lots of love and kisses. We would like to see a picture of you in your golf cart. That must be really fun to ride around in! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Freda said...

Thanks you every dog for the kind barks, licks and stuffs. It's nice to know we have great buddies out there.

Sorry that this is short but my secretary wants to get to beds and I want to bark a lots, but I guess he deserves it. But he has to post my bark from yesterdays though. Got kinda crazys.

And Fleas, now I know that some dogs do reads my twitters. COOOOLS! You have to trys it gang.

Thanks again. It is verys nice.