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20 April 2007


Over the past months or so we have been doin' stuffs to help stop that global warmin' thingy. Our little town finallys started curbside recyclin'. Yeah!! Now we don't have to haul our recycles to towns.

The sweets smell of helpin' outs.

As I had barked a longs before, Mom ordered a new frig and dishwasher. Dad wasn't fast enough. Arf! Arf! Well, these Fisher & Paykel things finallys got here and are reeeallys quiet. And they save lots of energys.

Whoa! That's shinys. My own mirror. Cooools!

We recycled our old frig...

Goodbyes ol' friend. You were a great

And dishwasher, too...

We got a neato double washer so I can do my own dishes. Cooools!

A dutch door thingy... With beeps!

And I can helps, too! My own chirps!

They beeb and chirps to let you know when a door is opens and when the dishes are clean and other stuffs. I love those beeps!

Mom and Dad said that after watchin' the movin' picture that's not allowed in the big white house, An Inconvenient Truth, they were gonna do somethin' more, too. They said it was gonna be a surprise. I love surprises. Hmmm...What does CHEESE have to do withs global warmin'?



Charlie said...

Good job, Freda!
- Charlie

Freda said...

Hey Charlies,

We gotta do somethin'. If I could get my secretary from emittin' so much methanes, that would helps a lot! Arf! Arf!



Simba said...

I have been nomimated for the awesome blog awards!! How cool it that. Please vote for me.

Simba xx

Tasha & Eva said...

Hi Freda, Eva here. Wow, cool new kitchen stuff!! They look like perfect media for more nose art! Have you experimented with it yet? A shiny new cheese box with custom nose art! What a beautiful thing that will be. Our humans need new kitchen stuff, too, so we'll have them look into the brand that you bought. Must do everything we can to help stop the warming. Belly Rubs, Eva

Jasper said...

Hi Freda...nice to meet ya!! Thanks for visiting my blog and sending your wishes to me on my Adoption Day!!

Sophie Brador said...

Hi Freda! We like to think of every day as Earth Day, but this year, as an extra special earth day thing, my person is thinking about not scooping my poop. I know it's really bad to leave doggie poop lying around to decompose, but she always feels really bad about putting it in a plastic bag in the trash. She buys the extra special, super duper, biodegradable poop bags, but still feels bad anyway. But she doesn't want anyone to accidentally step in my poop either, because that would be gross, apparently. So geez. We just don't know. She thinks that since she is an urban planner, she might just come up with some new, super duper, dog poop solution that doesn't involve any plastic or any apparently unfortunate person/poop accidents.

Jackson said...

Hey Freda, Like your new cheesebox. Have you learned how to open it yet? I find my humans are a bit slow in dishing out the cheese. I have to drop quite a few hints. J x

Sophie Brador said...

P.S. That dishwasher is really cool!

Sharon said...

Nice frig and washer! For earth day, and the rest of the summer, we will be composting Snicker poop. We tried adding it to a new part of my garden last fall and it is doing great. I know doggy poop is a bit stinky, but after it is composted, you don't smell a thing.

Bella said...

Hi Freda,
great new swish gear - we love any thing that makes less impact on the warming.
Mama changed all the lightglobes in the house to the new energy efficiency ones - every little bit counts


Bruce the Bird Dog said...

Way to go FREDA! I love your doggy-limo, my people changed their light bulbs too!

Freda said...

Hey Simba,

Good lucks. I'll run over and check it outs.

Hi Tasha & Eva,

Anythings will helps. The CHEESE box and washer are made in Australias. So if they breaks, the fixit man has a long way to travels. Arf! Arf! If I get near enoughs to the new thingys Mom is right there to clean the palattes. BOOOooo!

Hey Jasper,

Welcomes to my pad.

Hey Sophies,

An urbans planner? Cooools! The urbans certainly need a lot of plannin' and fixin' up. Hope she can help.

I read that each gram of dog poop contains 1,2 1,2 (23) million bacteria. We should pick it ups so it doesn't spread possible disease and parasites to other dogs or contaminate the water tables. See my barkin' of 29 Jan 05 (
And there are compostin' thingys for our poops, too. (See Sharon/Snickers belows, too.) Cooools usin' those disappearin' bags. Do they works on c-a-t-s? Just arffin'! Good lucks.

I like the beeps and chirps it makes. Neato!

Hi Jacksons,

Thanks. I have tried, but the seals are pretty tights. Yeah, that right! My humans are a little 'cheesy' with the CHEESE thing, too.

Hey Sharon/Snickers,

Great puttin' poopin' to a goods use. My typist use to use elfarent poops for his garden. Problem with that was, it was reeeallys smelly and 'hot'. That meant that the poops had to age for several months before it could be used or it woulds burns the seeds/plants.

Hey Bellas,

Those curlicue bulbs are cooools. Glad you're doin' your parts. Cooools!

Hey Bruce,

Thanks. Cooools on the curlicues. The limo is greats. Love all the neatos sounds.

Wuufs to all the EARTH SAVERS!